Unsettling News

"I'm going into town to see what's been going on lately. You stay here." I threw my bag onto the couch and sighed. Peder shrugged and sat down next to the couch next to the wreckage of mine and Drake's morning activity. Opening the door, I exited again. I put two fingers to my mouth and gave a shrill whistle. A few seconds later, the clip clop of hooves announced Moonlight's approach. As she came closer, I went to meet her. Giving her neck a stroke and slipping a rope bridle over her head, mounted and steered her towards the town.

"Giddup," I gave her a gentle kick and she started at a walk that turned into foxtrot.

Arriving in town a few minutes later, I went to the post office. All the latest news and gossip could found there.

"Hey Jerry. Anything new?"

"Yeah. It's not good either. Come into my office," Jerry went around the counter and went into his private office while I followed. As he sat down behind his desk, I braced myself for the worst.

"What's wrong?" I sat in the chair across from him. He took a deep breath and looked me in the eye.

"The Duke of Kikong has decided to wage war on our kingdom."


After fetching Drake, I sat on the couch thinking over what I had found out. Peder stared at me curiously. Drake gave me concerned looks whenever he passed. Finally he just sat down across from me and said, "What's up?"

Taking a deep breath, I responded, "Colma lo ka ka su brt' kre Peder. I se llamm cree de lark."

Drake paled.

"What?" Peder looked really confused.

"The Kikong Duke waged war on us because his daughter never married you, Peder."

The End

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