Bathtime? (Peder)

I startled awake at the crack of dawn to someone yelling.

"NO NO!!!!" A crash of something in the house.

"Slow down!"

"Never!" More crashes. I stumbled out of bed and yanked my door open. Running to the living room, I couldn't believe my eyes. It was a mess, the table in the middle flipped over, the couch cushions everywhere. But what shocked me the most, were the people yelling.

"Get away!" Drake jumped over the couch with Destiny close behind.

"Get over here! Don't make me use my rope!" As if to emphasize, she shook the lasso in her hand. I understood why she went to bed early, just not why she took a lasso.

"Back! Back fiend!" Drake stood backed against a wall hold a chair in front of him.

"Set the chair down, and no one gets roped." Destiny unraveled her rope a little and snapped in between her hands.

"No, get back!" Drake shook the chair at her again.

"Alright," she shrugged, "have it your way." She then formed the rope into a lasso so fast I had to blink. With one stroke she whipped the chair away from Drake and threw the rope around him. She then proceeded to tie him up hog style until he lay on his back with his feet and hands tied up in the air. At that moment, Drake saw me.

"Help! She's trying to kill me Peder!"

"Don't make me get a bandana!"

"Peder help m-" The rest was muffled as Destiny stuffed his mouth with a bandana. Then she looked up at me in satisfaction.

"Peder, be a dear and grab that bag." She pointed to a bag slumped against the wall next to me.

"Uh, ok." Bending over, I picked it up without taking my eyes off the twins. Drake had panicked eyes. Destiny was panting from chasing him.

"Ok, now follow me." Destiny pulled another length of rope from under the couch and tied it onto Drake before tying it to herself. She then walked to the door and opened it before pulling on the rope and dragging Drake behind her. I followed without a word. This was one of those times that they did things I just didn’t understand. Drake made the occasional muffled noise as she pulled him over a rock or something just as uncomfortable. After a few minutes of trudging we came upon a lake.

"We’re here!" Destiny announced. She stood for a moment to rest before climbing up a tree that hung out over the lake and jumping off it towards the water below. She never made it. Drake was hoisted up into the air and they hung level, no longer over the lake. She grinned at him evilly before shaking him higher so she could touch the ground. As soon as she did, she swung out over the lake again, pulling him towards it. This went on for a minute before he was finally where she wanted him. That’s when she let go of the rope. He landed in the water with a muffled yell. When he came back up, the bandana had been forced out of his mouth. I stood there with my mouth dangling open. Destiny tied down her end of the rope down to the tree and approached me.

"Bag please." She held out her hand and I handed it to her.  She rummaged for a moment before pulling out a bottle. Opening it, she poured some gooey stuff into her hand then recapped it. Drake’s eyes opened at it.

"NO! I will not let you!"

She laughed, "What can you do about it?" He opened mouth then closed it again. She walked over to him, her bare feet in the shallows. “Eyes closed.” Was all she said before rubbing the gooey stuff into Drakes hair.  The gooey stuff was shampoo.

"You’re giving him a bath?" I asked.

"Well I only do his hair. He does his body." Destiny answered as she scrubbed.

"And she’s using daisy scented shampoo." Drake sounded upset.

"It’s for your girlfriend."

"I don’t have a girlfriend. Peder, make sure you wash at least once a month or she’ll do this to you." Drake said before spitting out shampoo. Destiny stopped for a moment to grin at me wickedly. I nodded. I doubt she’d be able to lift me, she’s so small. I smiled at the thought. Destiny was finished with Drake’s hair and moved to the end of the rope. She lowered him into the water a little and retied it before going over to untie him only a little. He still had a complicated knot around his waist.

"Here’s the soap. Be good. I’ll check on you in an hour. Come on Peder." With that, she left.

The End

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