Royal Message

This is about a messenger for the King, her brother, the King's runaway son, and their adventure.

"Destiny!" The King called my name.

"Yes sire?" I ran swiftly up to the throne and bowed.

"Send this message to the Duke of Kikong. And be swift." He handed me a scroll with the message in it.

"Yes sire. It will be delivered directly." That's my talent. I'm the King's messenger. Personal messenger. Out of all his messengers, I'm the fastest. It's a big honor. I ran out of the room heading towards the stables where my horse, Moonlight Walker or just Moonlight was kept.

"Oomph!" The boy I had bumped into took a step back as I did. I looked at him and instantly knew who he was.

"Forgive me sire."I immediately kneeled with my head bowed. I had bumped into Prince Peder.

"It's ok. Where are you going in such a hurry?" I stood up as he asked me his question. When I looked up he recognized me. "Oh! You're my father's personal messenger! We've never met."

"Yeah. My name is Destiny and if you'll excuse me, your father has a message I promised to deliver immediately and I have to run. Nice meeting you." I turned and ran outside to the stables. Mounting Moonlight, we galloped off.

The End

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