Guards came to my pack and ordered for all the unmated female wolfs go to the palace in a hunt to find his mate. Only with Emily's luck it was her. Emily is the mate to the prince and she hate it. She hates how she has to love him. She hates that he's the only person in the world to make her feel shocks with every touch. All Emily wants to do is to go back to her pack and pretend nothing like this ever happen but she can't.

         I brush my hand against my father's old desk. This is mine now I have to take the responsibility of rebuilding my pack from the ground up. My pack is still mooring over both of my parents death as I am to but I know my father wouldn't want me to be at this kind of state he would want me to go handle my duties he would want me to repair the pack after their deaths he would want us to move on.
Pulling my father's chair out sitting down picking up on of the last paper my father worked on. Treaty lines to the black moon pack. I guess he was going to sign off on that but never got to it. I read the paper I picked up a pen and about and place it near the paper the ink was about to touch the paper when my beta Eric barged into the room. Quickly standing up from the chair looking up at him with concern.
"Alpha, guards are here to gather all the woman."he breathed out that says that he ran up here.
"Take me to them" I ordered.
I followed him out of the office through the halls and the living room opening out to the front. There's multiple carriages lined up holding all of the unmated female wolfs. Follow by men garbing them by their hair throwing them into the carriage.
"What do you think your doing with them" I barked.
The men look over at me one had a scar on his right eye and messy gray hair. The other guy had shaggy brown hair covering his left eye. They both gave me these smirks thinking that their all that making want to smack them even more.
"The King Liam and Queen Victoria has ordered for all the unmated female wolf come to the castle for the prince to find his mate"He announced.
In the werewolf world we have royal werewolfs all around but King Liam and Queen Victoria are like the top wolfs.
"Why haven't I got informed about this" I barked at them,
"Because you have no choice but to have all the unmated females to come with us"The old one barked at me garbing a hold of a girl's arm and pulling them into a carriage.
"I can't let you do that" I said stepping forward.
Trying to get them to stop pulling the woman knowing that I can't fight the King and Queen orders.
"Your coming to"The younger one said garbing my arm pulling me to the carriage.
"I rather not"I growled yanking my arm away.
To think an Alpha would go down with out a fight is childless. They both garbed my arms pulling my arms but I never got free. It was pitiful that I couldn't get free for being a new Alpha. I struggle more and more trying to get them to release me but I didn't but I got a very painful hit on the side of my head consuming me into the darkness.

The End

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