They are calling you the Royal Blood American

The sun light has enter her room but she is still lost in sleep as the fan whirls the cool air around her. All is quiet and peaceful around her but that all ends when her mother quickly grabs the shinny door handle to her room and in a loud voice say

“Come here!”

Being suddenly woken up Cypress jumps as she turn around and faces her mother. Still half asleep she asks

“What’s wrong?”

“Just come here!”

Her mother answers and steps out of the room and walks down the hall way to the living room. Cypress reaches over and pick up her glasses putting them on as follows down the hall and the living. Kate is sitting at the table eating her breakfast and Michael is still asleep. She looks at her mother and her mother looks at her while standing in front of the TV. Cypress was just about to ask what is going on but before she could she heard her name coming from the TV. Turning her attention to what the reporter was say she took a few steps toward the couch to sit down keeping her eyes on the TV. Intensely listening as the reported informs the world that there is an heir to the thorn of a small country called Dragcus living in the United States. Cypress says to herself

“I must still be asleep.”

Her mother say

“This is on every news channel. They are calling you the Royal Blood American. Do you still have the letter that guy gave you yesterday?”

“Yes I do.”

Cypress says still not being able to believe its true. She run back to her room and grabs the letter and her phone to call the man she met the day before. She dials the number and listens to the ring and waits for someone to answer. Nervously she count the rings and at 3 a man answers and speaks with the same strange assent of the messenger. Cypress says

“Hello, this is Cypress. You came to my house yesterday.

He replies in a joyous voice

“Oh Yes I was so hoping you would contact me. Will you do it? Will you take the crown?

She answers

“Well I don’t know. Can we meet and talk about this or something?”

“Of course my lady I can come back and speak with you. It would be my up most pleasure.”

The man she had met the day before says and Cypress continues.

Ok can you see me this after noon?

The messenger answers

“Of course”

Cypress still in sock says

“Ok I will see you then. Bye bye.”

The messenger says

“Good bye my dear lady.”

She sits on her bed still thinking this has really got to be a dream. After a few minutes she hear her mother coming. As she steps in the room she asks

“What did he say?”

Cypress Tells her that he will be coming this after noon to talk to me.

The End

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