End of the first Day

She goes back to the couch and in a smooth motion sits down and puts her feet up on the coffee table and lets out a big breath. What a day she says out loud as she reaches into her pocket for her cell phone. Scrolling down she find the name of her long time boyfriend and send the message

“You won’t believe what happened today.”

While Cypress wait for a reply she surfs through the channels on TV. She jumps as her phone vibrates

“That happens every time.”

She thinks to herself. Looking at her phone she sees its James her sweetheart. He answers

“What happened princess?”

She chuckles to herself.

“Wow I wonder if that’s a sign.”

She tells him what the day had brought and what she had done and he says

“You have always been my princess.”

They continue talking as the sky darkened until they both say goodnight. Cypress gets up and just like every night changes her clothes, bushes her teeth and waits for her mother to get home from work. With the TV still on she starts to draft off. Almost asleep when she was startled by the back room closing. Cypress lifts her head and asked her mother

“how was work?”

Her mom first words are

“Samantha told me what happened. You know that’s not true right?”

Cypress says

“yeah I know its probably not true but you never know.”

As her mother turns around to look in the refrigerator for something to eat she replies

“Yeah right”

Cypress gets up start to walk down the hall to her bed room and says

“Good night Mom”

She gets to her room and sits on her bed and takes off her glasses and lays them on the old night stand right beside her bed. She gets under her covers and lays her head on the soft white pillow and closes her gray blue eyes and lets her dreams come to life.

The End

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