Royal blood American

This what i have of a story I started. Follow Cypress and see what happens. Will her life change or is it just a scam.

She wakes up to the sound of her niece and nephew over the hum of her
fan. Sitting up she reaches over out of habit for her glasses, putting
them on as she stands up and walks out of her room. She see's her mother
in the living room as she looks down the hall way.

"Here comes Aunt  Cypress",  her mother says looking at Kate.

Kate turns and runs down the hall and Cypress bands down to pick her
up and walks into the living room. Kate plays while Michael sleeps.

"Well I guess i better be getting to work.", says Cypress's mother.

She kisses Kate good-bye and walks trough the door and out to her
shiny green truck. A few hours has passed, Cypress, Kate and Michael
sit on the couch watching cartoons when there was an unexpected knock
at the back door. Cypress leaves her niece and nephew on the couch and
quickly steps toward the back door. Looking through the peephole she
can see a very well dressed man wearing a black suit but with a purple
stash across his chest and white  gloves on his hand.

So cypress opens the door only wide enough to poke her head through
and say "Can i help you sir?"

With a strange accent he says "I am here on behalf of the Arkennees
people, We  have been looking for our people's  ancient royal blood
line. You are a member of that blood
line and we beg you to come back and help our people. We have asked
this of your relatives but sadly all have refused our request."

With a confused look on her face Cypress  replies "Ok."

He continues  "Please dear lady take this. This is a short summary of
our request. There  is also information on how to reach me with your
answer you royal majesty."

She takes the envelope and he bows his head before turning to walk
back  down the stairs and entering an all black old style car.

Your royal majesty, she thinks to herself as she watches the car drive
down the road and out of her sight. She shuts the door and locks it
and walks back over to the couch and the kids and places the envelope
on the old coffee table.

Cypress turns her head and looks at Kate and Michael and say “Should I
open this?”, She picks it up and looks at the front side and studies
the crest printed in purple the envelope. As the children concentrate
on the brightly colored cartoons on the TV.

Cypress being somewhat of an artist herself states “This is a lovely
work of art.”, tracing the lines with her gray-blue eyes the phone
rings breaking her thoughts. Putting the envelope down back on the old
coffee table she stands up and looks at the caller I.D.

“Its your mom” she says in a semi loud voice to her niece and nephew.

Cypress answers with “Hello.”

She hears of sister voice “ Hey Cypress I just got off the phone with
some crazy guy saying we are royal how crazy it that?”

Cypress replies  “Really? A guy was just here saying the same thing to
me. He gave me an envelope. He said all I need to know it in there.”

Her sister Samantha asks “Did you open it yet?”

Cypress answers “No, not yet.”

Samantha says  “You should just throw it away there is no telling what
really in there. I told the guy who call me about it that I am not
crazy and I am falling for a scam like that. He must think I’m stupid
or something.”

“Yeah,” cypress replies. “You never can tell these day” she continues.

Samantha asks “how Kate and Michael doing?”

Cypress says “ Oh they’re fine. They are watching cartoon. They have
been really good today”

Samantha replies  “That’s good. Well I’ll see you when I get off work
and come get the kids.”

“ Ok see you later” Cypress says and hangs up the phone, turns around
and looks at the envelope.

She takes two steps toward the coffee table and reaches to pick up the
mystery envelope and puts her finger under the flap and stops.
Samantha is right there is no telling what’s in this, she thinks to
herself . Its feels like there is nothing but paper in here so I guess
it will be ok. Turning her back and taking a few steps away from the
children. Cypress forces her finger up tearing through the top of  the
crested envelope. With it open she closes her eyes and puts her thumb
and finger inside and grabs the contents inside the envelope. She
carefully and slowly pulls it out and with the content in her hand she
opens her eyes.

“Paper, just paper” Cypress laughs.

She thinks to her self of course it just paper what else would it have
been? She unfolds its and notices that it is hand written in ink. She
goes back and sits on the couch
where the kids still are watching TV and begins to read the letter.
Page after page she reads until finished.

“Now how can I find out if this is really or not?” she thinks. After a
few minutes she gets
her laptop and sends an email to the  local news describing the
situation. I’m sure they help me find out if this is a scam or not she
says out loud and closes the computer. Cypress goes back to watching
cartoons with Kate Michael until Samantha comes to pick them up.

“Hey “ Samantha say while walking in the door. Kate jumps up and runs
to here mother with her arms open.

“Hey Cypress where is that envelope?” Samantha asks.

Cypress says “It’s right here. I opened it and it basically  says what
that guy told me. I sent an email to the news. If this is a scam
people need to know to look out for it.”

“That true” replies Samantha.

Cypress continues “Hopefully I will hear back from them soon.”

Cypress gave a hug and kiss good-bye to Kate and Michael and says “
See you later” to Samantha.

The End

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