Chapter 1 (First page) -Btw, I like cliffhangers-Mature

I glanced to my left when I heard a commotion down the alley closest to me as I walked down the street towards the market square. At first look it appeared to be a couple of thugs robbing a guy, which tempted me to go and help him. Until I got a little closer and realized they were royal guards interrogating a wealthy looking man about some money he owed them. I continued on my way deciding it best to ignore the situation and stay out of it. I made it to the end of the street and looked back in time to see the guards exit the alleyway. I felt some guilt for not helping the man, and also a small pang of anger towards the corrupt guards that waltzed through the city streets as if they owned the place. I knelt to the ground pretending to be examining my shoe; they paid me no attention as I hefted a medium sized rock. I carefully took aim and chucked the rock as hard as I could in their direction. Foolishly I stood my ground waiting to see if I hit my mark. My eyes widened a bit in shock as the rock slammed into one of their armored shoulder plates, and nearly knocked him down as it caught him off guard. While the one I nailed tried to regain his balance, his partner identified me, seeing as I was the only person in the street it wasn’t that difficult.
“Hey! You there! Halt!” The guard shouted in my direction.
Naturally, I gave him an ancient rude hand gesture with my middle finger and bolted towards the market square. I didn’t look back but I could hear them in pursuit of me, thanks to their metal boots slamming into the pavement with each step. I turned a corner into the market square and instantly slowed to a fast walk and submerged myself in the swarming crowd of people. They guards rounded the corner and paused for a moment, trying to identify me. They started searching through the crowd, unable to find me easily as my faded jeans, dusty hoodie and white tee blended in with everyone else’s attire. It was easy for me to dodge them as their metal armor glinted in the sunlight and made them stand out like a banana on an apple tree. Smiling to myself I slipped away from them and walked over to my favorite stall.
“Hey Tommy what can I do ya for?” The stall-vendor asked as I approached him.

The End

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