Prologue? Or Preface...? I dunno what to call it.Mature

Planning on using the main character, the royal bastard to kind of rise up from a tragedy and work towards preventing his corrupt half-brother from taking the throne.

The year is 2553; it's been 96 years and 51
weeks since the fall of all independent nations on Earth and Eirathia. I
suppose I should tell you, if you've been living under a rock for the past
century, Eirathia was discovered in 2449; three years later it was a fully
colonized Earth-2 which is when its people gave it the name, Eirathia. Eirathia
was democratic in all of its civilized regions. Until, someone emerged from one
of the uncivil regions with an army at his back and seized all power over
Eirathia within weeks. Four months later in August, he arrived on Earth, Canada
and eastern Asia fell first. Then he spread to the rest of the globe. All of
Earth was conquered in October 17th, 2456, and the ruler formed the first
united monarchy over all nations and both planets. His name was Lance, Damon
Lance. He is now dead, but the Lance dynasty is still in power, most simply
submitted to his rule, after seeing most of Earth's armies’ fall no one wanted
to resist him. There were some though, small pockets of resistors, twenty years
ago, they gathered together and gave themselves the name
"Independents", apparently they fight to try and restore some of the
independent nations, like America, which is now named Amancia. I support them,
but I do not fight with them, mostly because I am scared they may use me as a
figurehead, my father is Cyrus Lance, the current ruling king. My mother is not
the queen though, my mother was one of Cyrus Lance's maids, before she was
killed in hopes of eliminating me, to his knowledge I am dead, I am older than
the next king-to-be, Drake Lance, so if my identity were to be revealed, I
would pose threat to him and his society. I am a royal bastard, and my name is
Thomas Lance

The End

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