Dragon Riders are the few chosen beings, the beings chosen by Dragon eggs, eggs that will only hatch in the presence of their chosen riders. Generation upon generation have tried, many have failed but there is always a chain that will never be unbroken, every year one egg is sent from the dragons to each race to be tried and test those before it.

One year the chain was forced to break for something forbiden by the 12 Metamorphic Age Laws was done, a Dragon Egg was stolen! The Dragons were furious and scorched their anger on the land below, furious anger was unleashed on mythical beasts and spell casters, it even rose to a point where the Dragons attacked the very chosen Dragon Riders and their Dragons. Apart from one, the Dragon Rider Amaphis of the Dark Forest Elvin Clan and his Dragon Mophis. Amaphis now leads the Dragons in the war now known as the 'Betrayers War', Amaphis clouds the minds of the Dragons making them think it was the sworn protectors, the Dragon Riders, who stole the egg and he himself tried to stop them and suffered a terrible wound, a scar across his forehead, which infact branded him as a traitor. The Dragons now fueled with anger and lies believed hiim and allowed him to dominate over them without knowing, not knowing that Amaphis is a rogue Rider and was casted out of the Dragon Riders with his Dragon for conspiring with the, The Last Shadow, Drancile. Amaphis was patient not caring how long the war lasted for the Dragons would never give another egg and he was the last to be branded as a Dragon Rider with the Seal Of Meta.

The war has lasted many years, both sides bearing terrible losses, scars that shall never heal, yet the war is still going on in the Planet Router and is now known as the War Of The Ages. Generations change, Dragons and Riders die only ten remain. Now a Dragon's and an Elf's fate are about to intertwine and bring great triumphs over the land but also a dark curse.

The End

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