The BeginningMature

Fred and George filled the rest of the days training Lupin, though it wasn't much work, he caught on quickly.  Their mother seemed to dropping in on them a lot more often then usual.  Always with the same intentions,

"Have you packed enough socks?"  "Make sure you bring warm clothes, winters can get quite cold there."   "Do try to behave yourselves."  Or their personal favorite, "Now, I know you two will act like the mature young men that you are."  Oh yes, of course,  after all, they were 18 and what trouble could they possibly cause?  Their heads were only overflowing with all of the possibilities being laid out before them.  The prospects of expanding their business into an entire new continent had them in a haze for their remaining days.  Before they knew it, the 28th of June had sneaked  up on them and caught them totally by surprise.  Before they knew it they were being shook awake by their seemingly relentless mother.

"WAKE UP YOU TWO!"  Shrieked Mrs. Weasley, causing both the twins to bolt out of bed.  It didn't matter if they were 8 or 18, when their mother yelled, it was absolutely terrifying.  

"What time is it?" Asked Fred, rubbing his eyes.  

"Five thirty." Said Mrs. Weasley, as she tired to steer her sons toward the kitchen.  

"Five thirty?" Demanded Fred, "Why on Earth or we up so early?"  George said nothing, he simply stood there, staring longingly at his bed.  

"Honestly, I told you two you needed to start getting up earlier."  Said their mother, exasperated.  She headed to the kitchen to make them breakfast.  This scene was oddly familiar to Fred and George.  

"Honestly mum, we're adults now, we can take care of ourselves."  Said George, deciding to finally join the conversation.  "We've lived on our own for a while now, we can manage."  This was not what their mother wanted to hear.  

"I'm just making sure you get around on time."  

"Checking to make sure we actually intend to go more like it." Added Fred under his breathe.  Their mother continued to make their breakfast.  They would never admit it, but they were grateful, there was no comparing to their mother's cooking.  She continued to like that for the rest of the day, checking and re-checking every last detail.  

"Honestly, mum, what's with all the fuss anyway?" Asked George, as she had made him change his shirt due to him spilling coffee down his front.  

"I can't let you go and meet these people with a stained shirt, now can I?  Ohh, look at the time, ten thirty, they should be here."

"Who?"  The twins asked together.  

"Why, everyone wants to wish you a good bye, you didn't honestly think everyone would let you go without a proper farewell?" 

And like clockwork, as soon as she finished saying it, there was a knock on the door.  Soon the shop was filled with their friends and family.  They had a small going away party of sorts.  Soon the place was bustling with people greeting them goodbyes and telling them to have fun.  One would swear that the twins were going away forever or something.  Before they knew it, it was five minutes to noon and they weren't really sure they wanted this anymore.  They had never been this far from home before, this wasn't Hogwarts, they going to be across a whole ocean and for once they weren't going to be surrounded by their family.  They had come this far and now all they needed to do was take this big first step, the first step into an adventure neither had ever dreamed that they would caught in the middle of.  

"Do you have the port key?"  Their mother asked.  "One minute to go!"  They made sure they had their trunks firmly in their arms and grasped the port key, and empty,  an ugly, old vase that smelled of decayed flowers, that the Mannaros had sent.  Soon the vase glowed blue and they felt the tug behind their navel that comes with traveling by port key.  They just managed to yell out a good bye to the groupof on lookers before they were whisked away.  

The End

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