When Lupin arrived at the store ready for work, he found Fred in George were still in there pajamas and were seated at the table staring perplexedly at a piece of paper.  The twins seemed to mumbling something.  

".......How could she know?....."

".......replied only yesterday......" 

"........doesn't make sense...."

"...don't understand....."

Lupin cleared his throat and seated himself at the table.  Fred and George seemed to break out of their trance.  They looked at him hopefully, as if he would magically know all the answers.  

"So, errr, what seems to be the problem?"  Fred and George took advantage of the moment to unleash the entire story all at once.  In the jumble of words being thrown at him, he only managed to catch a little of each sentence.  

".......letter right after the first."

" they knew."

"....could they know?"

"This doesn't make any...."

"......bad feeling about this."

"No, stop. Just stop. One at a time please," said Lupin, taking on his teaching demeanor.  "Fred, why don't you start."  

"Well it started after we got the first letter -"

George cut him off, "-He was here for the first letter." 

"I know, let me finish.  Anyway, we sent our reply and the next day we had another letter." 

"And this letter," added George, "It was as if they had already received our first reply."  

"But that's impossible right?  Hawks can't fly that fast, can they?" 

'No, they cannot, it should had taken a few days at least for your reply to arrive. This is odd, isn't it?  But the best advice I can give as of right now is to just wait it out.  Go to America on the twenty eighth as planned.  Find out for yourselves if something weird is going on."  

"Well, if that's the case, we have some preparations to attend to."  Said Fred.  

"Yeah, we need to train you, Lupin, for a start.  Lets get started."  Added George.  

The End

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