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Fred and George awoke a few hours later, to find themselves still seated at the table, their breakfast now cold and letter form their mother.  

"Wha....?" Asked George.

"Yeahh, I thought it was all a dream too." Added Fred.  

"So mum really did show up here at five in the morning, then?"


"At least she made us breakfast."

"And she left us a letter."

"A letter?  What does it say?"  

"It says," Fred read, "Fred and George,  you fell back asleep so I decided to let you sleep in.  I came to find out what your final answer was.  So just stop by the Burrow sometime today.  I have a surprise for you, that is if you decide to go to America.  

P.S. You two really should get up earlier, it would be beneficial to the shop.   

                                                                     --With love,

Your mother

"A surprise?" Asked George.

"Wake up earlier?" complained Fred.  

"Well, its half past seven, that should give us enough time to get ready and have the shop open by eight, or eight thirty at the latest."  Said George as he looked at his watch.  In no time the boys were dressed and ready to face the day.  Fred glanced at his watch,

"Quarter after eight, not bad, not bad."  As they headed down to the shop.  The day went by rather quickly and before they knew it, it was almost closing time.  

"Where does the time go?" Asked George.

"Wish I knew. Time really does fly when your having fun."  Added Fred.  

"If we head over to the Burrow, I bet we can still catch the dinner service. "  Suggested George.  

"Mmmm sounds like a plan," said Fred.  They made sure the shop was empty, locked the door and apparated away.  

They were at the Burrow in no time.  Just as they had predicted, Mrs. Weasley had just put the finishing touches on a truly mouth watering meal.

"Look who it is!" Cried Mrs. Weasley, as if it had been months not hours since she last saw them.  "So, have you made up your minds the, are you going?"   

"Well, actually..." George began, but was cut off as Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Harry entered the kitchen, followed by Lupin.  

"Ohh, hey, Lupin, we didn't know you would be here too." Greeted Fred, as they all sat themselves around the table.  They all began to eat and Mrs. Weasley continuously tried to get an answer out of Fred or George, but they were to busy stuffing thier faces too give a full answer.  

"E'll ell oo atr."

"eez um et us eat."  

Much to their mother's dismay, Fred and George went back for many helpings and were the last ones to finish the meal.  Once they were finally finished, Mrs. Weasley finally had an opportunity to speak to them and pounced on it.  

"So, what's your answer then?" She asked eagerly.  

"First," Began Fred, "There are stipulations." 

"Yes, first of all, we will need someone to take over the shop while we are away."  

"And secondly," added Fred, "You are never aloud to barge into our home and wake us up at five on the morning ever again!"  

"So that's a yes?"

"I guess," sighed Fred.

"They're going!" cried Mrs. Weasley, as she went to tell the others.  She came back with Lupin in tow.  "And I found your replacement for the shop.  Lupin has agreed to tend to your joke shop while you're in America."  

The End

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