Motherly LoveMature

Fred and George were woken up early the next morning by the sound frantic knocking on their door.  

"What the hell?"  Yelled Fred as he jumped out of bed.  He ran down to the shop to reveal none other than his mother practically beating down his front door.  

"Why aren't you dressed?" Asked Mrs. Weasley.  Fred looked down and realized he was only wearing his boxers and socks.  

"Geez mum, we were still sleeping."  

"Where's George?" Asked Mrs. Weasley, and almost as if on cue George entered the shop wearing nothing but an old pair of pajama pants.  

"Who's here?" He asked sleepily.  

"Why weren't you two up?" Demanded Mrs. Weasley, "It's five o'clock."  

"Five o'clock?" Both twins yelled.

"Who in their right mind gets up at five o'clock?" Asked Fred.  

Mrs. Weasley ignored her son's question and looked around the shop.  

"Well, let's at least get some breakfast into you two.  You do have a kitchen, right?"

"Of course we do," said Fred, "This way." As he led his mother upstairs to their apartment with George following.  As soon as the stove was within her sights Mrs. Weasley got to work and began cooking breakfast for her sons.  In no time she had bacon and eggs cooking on the stove and had fresh squeezed orange juice ready to go.  She turned to give Fred and George their breakfast, only to reveal that they were both fast asleep at the kitchen table.  

"Ohh honestly you two," sighed Mrs. Weasley, "well, there is no use in trying to wake them up again."  

She accepted defeat and left a letter for the twins.  

The End

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