A Brother's CompromiseMature

After a strained lunch Fred and George bid farewell to their family.  They left with insincere good byes.  They walked across the yard and to the road with out looking back.  They were about to apparate back to the shop when George grabbed Fred by the arm and apparted the both of them.

"What in the name of Merlin has come over you, George? Wait, where are we?"  Fred looked around, they were not back in the shop like he so expected to be.  They were on top of a hill that was surrounded by woods.  

"You don't remember?  We used to go camping here with Bill and Charlie.  You know, before the war."  George said, sadness seemed to flow off him like waves.  

"Yeah, now I remember.  Percy never wanted to come because he might get dirty.  Then Bill and Charlie grew up and we took Ron a few times, but it was never the same."  Fred said, overcome by despair as well.  "Why are we here, George?"  

"I think we should go, Fred. To America."

"Pardon, but I don't think I heard you right. You want to go to America?"

"Yes, I just have this feeling.  I really think we should go."

"Ohh man, don't tell me you are going all Trelawney on me now!"  

"Shut up," George punched his brother in the arm and then continued, "It was just something they said.  This girl has been locked up for two years, chances are she hasn't has outside contact since she got sick.  How would that make you feel?  I just think we should go and try to help her."  

"Look, I feel bad for the girl too, but we can't just uproot our lives for a year to make some girl happy."  

"What if we hire a temp, someone to watch the sop while we are gone."

"Will we have time to hire and train someone?  Mum never did say when we would be leaving."

"I assumed we would be leaving September 1st, just like any other school year."  

"Well, I guess that would make sense and it would give us time to train a new employee."  

"And we could always set up a mail order business in America."  

"Hmmm, now your talking.  We could expand our business to an entire new continent!"  

"So, does that mean you want to go?"  George asked hopefully.  

"Well, I guess we better start holding interviews if we're going to have someone watch the shop while we are away."  

The End

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