Family FeudMature

"You're late." Chimed Mrs. Weasley as her sons entered the kitchen.  

"Well that's hardly fair," chided George.  

"Only twenty minutes or so." Interjected Fred. 

"We were busy."

"Got caught up at the shop."

"Stopped for a snack."

"Lost track of time."

"Enough excuses!" Sighed Mrs. Weasley. Fred and George tried to feign innocence, but gave into to defeat and sat themselves at the table.  

"Shall we start then?" Asked Mr.Weasley, obviously trying to break the tension.  

"Yes," said Mrs.Weasley as she rose from her seat, "Fred, George, this meeting is to discuss you finishing the remainder of your 7th year of school."

"Mum....." George began, but his mother cut him off,

"It's not like you think, we're not shipping the pair of you off to Hogwarts, like we so rightly should."

"Think of this more as community service," Added Lupin.

"Actually, it's more like a favor," Said Tonks.  

"Community service?" Asked Fred and George, obvious disgust in their voices.  

"A favor," said one of the woman at the end of the table, "and that is precisely why we are here.  Let me take it from here Molly."

"Alright Aglaia," sighed Mrs. Weasley, as she took her seat beside her husband.  

"Alright, let's get started then, shall we?  I am Aglaia Vanshoick, head of the office of the Magical Student Exchange and Transfer Program.  This, "indicating the man to her left," is Augustus Pye, healer, and this," now pointing to the other woman, "is his sister Junius."  

"Augustus Pye, but wasn't he the...." Started Fred, but Augustus cut him off.

"The trainee healer for the ward your father was admitted to, yeah that's me."

"So where is this all going?  I mean, a healer and his sister, a representative for the Magical Student Exchange and Transfer Program, Lupin, Tonks, and talk of community service?" Inquired George.  

"What my brother meant to say is, let's cut to the chase and start dishing out some answers, shall we?" Interjected Fred, rather smartly.  

"Yes, yes, alright," sighed Mrs. Weasley.  "I told you all that this round about way of explaining things would never work to get the point across."  

"So what's all this? What's going on? What point are you trying to convey?" Asked George.  

"Well," Mrs. Weasley explained," Junius here is a healer over in America. She works for a family, she tends to their sick daughter.  Her name is Thalia and she is about your age. She is in her final year of school."  

"Okay, now I'm even more confused! What does a sick girl in America have to do with anything?" Asked Fred.  

"Everything," sighed Hermione, " She has to do with everything.  You see, Thalia fell ill right before her 5th year of school and was forced to continue her schooling by being home schooled.  She is about to start her final year of schooling and you two are going to America to finish your 7th year of school with her."

"What?!" Cried Fred.

"No!" Demanded George.


"What about the shop?"

"You must be mental!" 

"What in the name of Merlin were you thinking?"

"Well, too bad for you because it has already been decided and you're going." Stated Mrs.Weasley.  

"What do you think gives you the right?" Shouted George. 

"I'm your mother that's why." 

"Please, at least do it as a personal favor to me!" Begged Lupin, which took everyone aback.  

"I have, err, looked over your file from school.  I should be half way done by Christmas.  I think you are the perfect guys for the job!"  Added Aglaia with forced optimism.  Fred and George stared at her, mouths agape, as if she had just suggested the commit some sort of fallacy.  She awkwardly sat back down.  

"Please just try it our for a few months and decide from there whether or not you will stay for the whole year."  compromised Junius.  

"Sleep on it?" Suggested Harry.

"Fine. But no promises that there will magically be a yes tomorrow."  said Fred, indifferently.  

"Okay then, It's settled, I will stop by tomorrow morning for an answer." Said Mrs. Weasley, as she rose form her seat and began preparing lunch.  


The End

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