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The next few hours went by in a haze for Fred and George.  They assisted customers, and restocked shelves, but their heads just weren't in it.  Soon noon rolled by and Fred was ushering the last few customers out the door. 

"Sorry, folks, closing the shop early for today.  Do come back tomorrow though." He closed the door and turned to face his brother, who was locking up the cash register.  

"Ready then, George?"

"Hmmm, why do I feel like this is going to end badly?"

"Just remember, whatever it was, we didn't do it," Fred said with a sly wink.  Then they turned on the spot and apparated out of the room.  

Suddenly, two identical boys seemed to pop up out of the road, just a few miles out of the muggle town.  Fred and George shared an uneasy glance and started the hike up to the burrow.  As they walked along in silence they caught the first glimpses of the Burrow in the distance.  Seeing the Burrow seemed to whisk away all of their unsettling feelings, they were, after all, home.  They both, without directly realizing it, quickened their paces as huge smiles stretched across their faces.  It had only been a few weeks since they had been here last, but even that seemed to long.  They entered in through the kitchen and were greeted by a group of people seated at the table.  Their parents were there, as was Lupin and Tonks, Ron, Harry, Hermione, and Ginny, as well as three people that they did not know.   


The End

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