Roses and WolfsbaneMature

What trouble could Fred and George Weasley possible get in to when their mother ships them off to America for a year? Takes place after Oder of the Phoenix/ During Half Blood Prince.

It was a warm and sunny June day in Diagon Alley.  Most of the shoppes were already beginning their morning routines, dusting off shelves, rotating stock, unlocking the door.  But all of this quiet rustling among the shops was nothing compared to the new shop down the street.  Loud bangs and whizzes accompanied by bouts of laughter could be heard from this lively new shop.  Shop owners looked upon this shop with looks ranging from amusement to disdain.  For this new shop was owned by none other than the Hogwart's pranksters themselves, Fred and George Weasley.  

Inside their joke shop Fred and George could be found standing over the remnants of what appeared to be an annihilated cauldron and were covered head-to-toe in a sticky, purple goo.  Fred and George just looked at each other and roared with laughter.  In between the bouts of wild laughter George managed to say, "We......look.....ridiculous!"

"I know," laughed Fred, wiping a tear from his eye.  Their laughter continued but was soon interrupted by a scratching at the door.  

"Huh...?" inquired George as Fred crossed the room to open the door and reveal none other than Errol, the Weasley family owl.  

"Ohh mum," groaned Fred, "That's the fifth letter this week."

"And it's only Tuesday," added George.

"Wonder what it is this time" pondered Fred as he read the letter.  His face played emotions of shock to confusion by the time he was finished reading.  

"What is it? What does it say?"

"It's mum, she's holding a family meeting and demanding our presence."

"A family meeting, we have those? When?"

"I guess so, and it's today at noon."

"What could she want?" 


The End

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