Ch 20

Tuesday 9th August

Tonight, Timothy and I dined in a restaurant. I didn't take much notice of where we went or what we ate but what happened tonight was a sensational, unique experience that I hope never to forget.


            After seeing each other's souls, we retired for the night. In the morning, I awoke to the smell of frying bacon. I smiled as I sat up and stretched. I was about to slide out of the bed which Timothy had let me sleep in, when Timothy, in cat form, ran up the stairs and into my room. He jumped on my bed and nuzzled his head against me, thinking ‘Stay in bed. I'll bring your breakfast up.'

‘Thank you, darling,' I thought to him. ‘I love you.'

I love you too.


          About ten minutes later, Timothy returned, this time in human form, carrying a tray of breakfast which turned out to be a Full English Breakfast, with a mug of hot chocolate as well as a glass of orange juice. He smiled warmly at me and kissed my forehead before placing the tray on my lap and running down. My brow furrowed slightly as I wondered what he might have missed but he returned carrying his own breakfast. I budged up to make a space for him under the duvet covers as he sat down beside me.

"Oh, um, tonight, would you like to go out for a meal?" he asked me.

"Oh, that would be wonderful! Yes, please. Just the two of us?"

"Well, obviously. Who else would I invite when I wanted it to be a romantic experience?" I smiled as he kissed my hair.

"You can make any event with any people a romantic experience, Timothy," I murmured, placing my tray on my bedside table and turning back to kiss him.

"That's not true. There's one thing I can't do it without."

"What?" I asked, but already guessing.


I grinned. "Well that was kind of implicit because why else would you want the experience to be romantic?"

"True. You're too clever, Tani."

I rolled my eyes. "I'm too much of every good thing according to you."

"That is so true! How d'you even manage it?"


          At the restaurant, Timothy and I sat down at a table for two in a secluded little corner where no one would really mind if we started kissing.

We ordered a bottle of wine for the evening, but barely touched it as we settled down to stare into each other's eyes. It was almost like a competition to see who could stare deeper and more lovingly into the other's eyes in an attempt to convey our feelings. My hand was on the table and Timothy's was on top of it, so we were using the telepathic connection to communicate. I'm quite sure the other customers would've appreciated it more if they'd been able to hear what we were saying.

Tani, did I ever tell you how beautiful your eyes are?

‘If you did, I wouldn't mind you telling me again. Yours are startlingly lovely too. That time when you woke up in the hospital, I was almost hypnotised by them. And I love it when you're illuminated by moonlight. In fact, your whole face is more handsome in the pale, slivery glow.'

Ah, we shall have to go for a stroll under it, some time.

‘That would be amazing. I can't believe how much you've changed over these past few weeks. I felt so distraught the night after I met you because I didn't think you'd accept me as your rose-dove, and if I'm ever away from you, I just feel so incomplete - like part of me is missing, which doubtless it is.'

I'm sorry I ever caused you pain or misery, Tani. At least I won't do it again now. I've learnt just how precious you are to me. You know, I never really took that poem literally. I thought it was being metaphorical for the sake of romance, but, really, all of it was true. You are precious, so much so that I could dedicate an entire poem to your the benefits you have on my life.

‘Recite it when we have our stroll beneath the stars.'

I will. Most definitely.

‘I'm so glad you're no longer cold, Timothy.'

I'm so glad you're my rose-dove. I would have never warmed up, otherwise.

I felt warmth and gratitude flood my thoughts, all with an underlying current of love. I closed my eyes to block out everything in the room apart from me and Timothy. What I felt and saw in my mind next was astonishing. I felt waves of Timothy's contentment roll out towards me and even fancied I saw turquoise waters which shimmered and emanated a bluish glow (the colour rather like that of the sky on a cloudless day). I was suddenly overwhelmed by these emotions. An occasional streak of red or black flashed out in the cerulean sea swirling around me but ‘underwater', everything was mostly golden and pink. I saw a very clear mental picture of myself in what appeared to be the centre of this mass of mental ocean and felt Timothy's strong urge to kiss me, take me up in his arms and never let me go or put me down, even for one second. Around the mental picture of me were roses and doves floating around me and echoing Timothy's ecstasy at having found me, the one he was meant to be with for the whole of his life.

I gasped in amazement at these wondrous mysteries and heard Timothy murmur, ‘...seas luminescent of her kingfisher's essence'.

"So, this is what the poem meant," I breathed aloud. "What a wonderful sensation it is to be overwhelmed by ... you. Just you. The real you. The bit inside which is unchanging and vulnerable and beautiful. Oh, my, Timothy, it's ... Words fail me!"

I felt a tear at the edge of my eye.

Shh Tani. If words fail you, then just bathe in the feeling.

I did. I let myself be overpowered by this powerful force as it swept away all of my other thoughts and emotions and just left me in ... Timothy; inside Timothy. I barely noticed my heart pounding in my chest or the way I was subconsciously leaning towards the physical Timothy until I was kissing him.

I broke away and opened my eyes, blinking a couple of times to bring myself back to the real world. Part of me lingered in the dream world, reliving the phenomenon that had just occurred and sending out crashing waves of love to Timothy, not caring if they were distracting or ruthless. He chuckled, obviously receiving them head on.

Tani, I'll forget everything else I know apart from your existence if you keep that up. You're literally battering away at everything that has nothing to do with you.

‘Oh, oops. Sorry. Didn't realise I could do that.' The force of the love I was sending out decreased so that they were calm waves like the ones Timothy had sent me.

I'm actually quite tempted to do that to you now. I mean, what need have you for any other knowledge if I'm going to be the only thing that will remain relevant to you for the rest of your life?

‘I would actually like a higher education, and a job might be useful to sustain our romantic lifestyle.'

If I took care of that, you wouldn't need to do anything.

‘So, you're going to earn enough money for the both of us?'

Something like that. If we're really tight on cash, you can work at Mystic Wonders when Lily's teaching. She's quite eager to teach you witchcraft too, so you'll know at least one thing other than my existence.

‘It's a nice idea, but it would be scary to give up my knowledge on the rest of the world. I'd be majorly at risk from being taken advantage of and some knowledge is useful in the outside world. Perhaps if we moved to a desert island where we could self-sustain, that would be an idea, but for now, it's enough just to be with you, knowing my love for you will always be returned.'

Well thought out, Tani. Love is satisfactory.

          The rest of the meal continued in much the same manner. Timothy found new compliments to try and describe me (which he claimed was impossible to do decently) and we luxuriated in each other's thoughts, feelings and company.

The precious rose-dove,

favoured by foxglove,

is joined with her kingfisher

in undeniable love.



The End

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