Ch 18

At the services, I got out of the car and walked to where there wasn't much light but where I knew Felix would be able to hear our thoughts. I turned to face Timothy who had followed me reached up to place my arms around his neck and began to kiss him.

‘He is such a fool! A stupid jerk! To think I thought he was charming and likeable. Don't I feel silly?'

Hey, hey, you're not silly. And it's not his fault if he can't see properly. Like you said, ‘blinded by hatred'.

‘But he is so annoying though! You know, I love you, don't you?'

Yes, of course I do. And I love you, too. Just ignore Felix.

‘It's really difficult to. He just has something to say about everything. He makes me feel like a criminal for loving you and he sounds so much like an annoying parent. I've never wanted to punch someone so much in my life! What would that do to his view of my ‘perfect' soul?'

Nothing. He'd blame me naturally, for having a violent aura that was contagious.

‘Why are we thinking about Felix? I wanted to stop to get away from him and be alone with you. Can Lily drive?'

Yes. I agree it would be nice just to be in our own world on the way home. To completely ignore Felix and prove to him that our love for each other will overcome all difficulties and will be the strongest emotion we ever experience.

‘Brilliant. We'll do that then. For now, though, just hold me.'

Tani, I wasn't planning on letting go.

Even when we stopped kissing, we stood there a while longer, just basking in each other's mental warmth, sending and receiving waves of love using that glorious mental connection which proved to us, and any witch who didn't tune out our thoughts, that we were meant to be together, whatever silly teens like Felix thought.

Eventually, we wandered back over to the car. Lily was in the driver's seat beside a disgruntled-looking Felix. Timothy and I slid into the back, put our seatbelts on and resumed kissing as we were driven to Mystic Wonders.

"Are you going to stop anytime soon?" Felix asked.

"Shut up," Timothy said, pulling away slightly so he could talk. "The whole purpose of this was so that we wouldn't have to hear your comments and criticisms on our relationship. I know you want Tani, but you can't have her."

He leant back in and continued to make me feel like I was the luckiest girl alive.

Felix sighed.

That's funny. He's finally considering the consequences of his actions.      

‘He is?'

Yes. He's wondering if you hate him. He didn't mean to annoy you so much; apparently he just ‘wanted to make you see'. He wanted to make sure that you knew exactly what you were doing. He didn't intend to infuriate you.

‘Well, he should just be more careful: come across more gently with his point. I don't appreciate being told my kingfisher is all wrong for me. I especially hate being told that repeatedly. It's his own fault if I'm frustrated and I dislike him.'

Well, it certainly wouldn't be yours.

‘Ah, well, Felix doesn't matter. It's you I love and you I care about.'


         We arrived at Mystic Wonders at 6 o'clock. Lily cooked dinner for us. Felix disappeared off somewhere, who knows where? It was his house after all. I felt a small pang of guilt at getting so irritated at him, but really, what can you do when someone is annoying you so much?

I sat down on a sofa in an upstairs room and Timothy pulled down a leather-bound volume from a bookshelf before sitting with me.

"What's that?" I asked, curiously.

"It's a book full of love poetry, but it also tells you a lot about rose-doves and kingfishers. I'm going to read you the full poem, seeing as we have the time."

"How long is it?"

"Well, there are 7 stanzas, all about the same length as that first stanza I read to you."

"Okay, quite long then." I grinned.

He grinned back. He cleared his throat before beginning the recital.

"The precious rose-dove,

favoured by foxglove,

is joined with her kingfisher

in undeniable love.

  When minds become merged,

she is submerged

in the seas luminescent

of her kingfisher's essence.

  If parted forever,

both parties will never

escape terrible despair

or find hope in another pair.

  As destined to be

in joyous unity,

in each should each other

their own hearts see.

  As stronger of the two,

the witch is duty-bound

to protect and to care for

the human they've found.

  With superior knowledge,

comes the job to inform,

so the human can live

in the witch world of norm.

  Only this pair

of lovers so blessed

can see each others' souls

and complete the Lovers' Quest."

"It's lovely," I murmured as Timothy shut the tome. I frowned, slightly puzzled. "But there were several parts I didn't understand."

"Well, you didn't hope to solve all the mysteries of this principle within the first few days of the relationship, did you?"

I shrugged. "I guess I didn't realise there were more mysteries. Do you understand the whole poem?"

"Well, I know what the Lovers' Quest is, which I guess you didn't, and I understand seeing each others' hearts, which you might also find a difficult concept to grasp because you're not psychic. Is that all you were confused about?"

I thought about it. "Um, no, what did it mean when it was talking about glowing seas?"

"Ah, even I don't fully understand that. I thought it was just a metaphor for you being able to see my mind, but I think it's to do with the soul as well. I can explain the Lovers' Quest and tell you what I do know about hearts and souls though."

"Yes, please."

"Well, the Lovers' Quest is the quest every person interested in finding love goes upon to discover the one who was truly meant for them. Since rose-doves and kingfishers are meant for each other, when they meet, they complete that quest."

"Wow, it's all very romantic, isn't it?"

"Of course. What did you expect from a principle related to love?"

I shrugged. "I just thought it was a pretty idea made up as a children's bedtime story for witches. Witch children aren't exactly going to find stories about magic exciting."

"I suppose not. Anyway, the hearts and souls thing. You know we just use the joining of our minds to talk and convey emotion?"

I nodded.

"Well, it can also be used to get to know your lover better. You can search through their thoughts, watch memories, and, more importantly, see their souls. The line in the poem about seeing your own hearts was perhaps a referral to how you steal the other's heart when they fall in love with you. If you see that you love them as a result of them seeing how much you love them, you are seeing your own heart within their mind."

"That sounds a bit complicated. Could you rephrase that last bit?"

Timothy grinned. "Sure. When I read your mind, I can feel your love for me. So, when you read mine, you feel the fact I feel your love for me, and consequently, you're metaphorically seeing your heart."

"That makes a little more sense, I think."

Timothy laughed. "Basically, if I'm thinking about your love for me, I've got your heart."

"I get it now! Why didn't you just say that first time around?"

"First time around, I was trying to explain it properly."

I rolled my eyes. "I was asking a rhetorical question. I don't mind how many complex explanations you give me as long as I get the point at the end of it."

"I wouldn't want to give you too many, though, otherwise, I'd just be wasting the time I was meant to be spending with you exploring the unfamiliar territory described by the poem. Tonight, when we're at your house, or my apartment - you can choose where we spend the night - I want us to see each other's true selves. I want to be amazed by the depth of your compassion."

I smiled. "And I'd like you to see my soul, so you know I love you enough to reveal the deepest part of myself to you."

Timothy beamed. "And I'll show you mine. Even though it won't be as untainted as yours, I'll feel I'm really in the right relationship if you can wholly accept who I am."

"I already have accepted who you are, Timothy. You tried to eat me and I still love you. If that doesn't deter me, what will?"

"Tani, you love me too much."


The End

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