Rose-Doves and Kingfishers

The precious rose-dove,
favoured by foxglove ,
is joined with her kingfisher
in undeniable love

The precious rose-dove,

favoured by foxglove,

is joined with her kingfisher,

in undeniable love.

Ch 1  

Saturday 25th July

Today was the worst day of my life. Now, everyone who knows me will tell you how Tirana Flor is the epitome of optimism. I, of course, would shrug it off as merely an outlook on life. Tonight, though, I wish I'd appreciated more the fortune of seeing the future as bright. Because now, it looks bleak. Very bleak.


I woke up, yawned, stretched and smiled. It was what I did every morning, including the smile. Every day, I knew there was something to look forward to. I was mostly considered lucky by my peers. They all wished they could be as cheerful and smiley as me. On the other hand, my constant happiness was an annoyance, because a) not every person who feels negative wants to be reassured or bombarded with ‘the glass is half-full'-type comments and b) I totally could not empathise with anyone who was having a bad day.

Life had fared me well, but it really could be a curse sometimes.

As a result of my enviable or irritating constant brightness, I had few friends. When I say few, I mean two. Alex Eagle and Leanne Lafleur had put up with my overflowing optimism since the start. To two faultless, extremely likeable people (for whom I'll never be grateful enough), I was funny and cute. I really don't know what I'd do without them.

Anyway, I digress. Today's thing to look forward to was, other than the fact school had finished for the last time, that the three of us were going to watch a movie at Alex's house whilst eating popcorn and sweets, and just chatting about the stuff your average teenager likes to talk about.

I still consider myself a teenager. I never really got my head around the concept of me being an adult, because it's just not me. I'm too excitable for all that serious, grown-up stuff. Really, I didn't imagine myself becoming more mature for a few years.

So, I was really looking forward to seeing my two favourite people in the world. Before I got to that party though, my world turned upside down.

I spent most of the afternoon (I'd woken up at the glorious hour of 11 o'clock) strolling through the park and anticipating tonight. After that, I did some shopping in town before returning home to make sure I was ready for tonight. In my mini fridge, I had an assortment of sweets and chocolates, and on my bed lay my digital camera and mobile phone. I didn't really expect to need to call anyone tonight - I'd be having too much fun - but I always took it with me wherever I went, just in case. I put it in my pocket now because I was going out to the nearby pub to have a drink to calm myself down.

I was completely satisfied with life as I walked to the pub. Who could have guessed that this insignificant trip on this insignificant evening would significantly change my life forever?


The End

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