A romance story created by dreams and ideas.

‘Look within yourself,
there you will see,
a wilting rose, struggling,
Waiting to be free.’

In the South of England, nestled in the peaceful countryside resided the estate of the Lune family. The large mansion sat upon a gentle hill which rose up from a beautiful array of gardens. Throughout the gardens rolled a steady stream that eventually rested in a small lake. This was where the family enjoyed many spring days in the gazebo, enjoying the lazy days with the swans that rested there for the season.

Beside the lake grew a giant oak, surrounded by a lavender field. This slowly dissolved to a stable house that bordered the end of the Lune’s land and led on down the road to the local village. But on the other side of the field between the oak and the house lay a rose garden that radiated mysticism.

The summer breeze blew in, carrying in the sweet scent of blooming flowers. A woman lowered herself to her knees, her pink dress folded beneath her. She tucked a lock of her soft blonde hair behind her ear. It radiated the light from the sun, turning an almost pearly white. She outstretched a slender, fragile hand toward the patch of roses which grew in tangles of pastel hues, swaying gently in the warmth of July.

A man slowly made his way down the path, his footfall silent as he crept behind her. His paw-like hands rested on her shoulders and she looked up at him, her deep marine eyes wide before instantly softening as they met his handsome, soft features. A smile pulled up at his lips and his deep green eyes locked with hers. He helped her up, gently squeezing her porcelain hands careful not to break her with his giant stature. His arms linked around to the small of her back as he pulled her close.

Her snowy skin contrasted against his tanned skin as she reached up. Her ruby lips searching for his, her hands resting on his chest as his heart thudded beneath her palm. He met her perfectly sculpted lips with his own, softly gracing them with a delicate wisp of movement. But that was enough for her and she pulled back with a smile igniting her eyes. She then fell into him, resting her ear against his thudding heart. Her eyes sliding shut as she dreamed.

The day had past midday and the sun was only slightly lighting the sky. The crystal blue was untainted by splotches of white and the garden around them sparkled with the magic of summer. A butterfly flew over, its crimson wings fluttering as it landed upon a rose of similar colouring. The man watched it intently, looking over the field of thorns and beauty. “Belle, you never told me why,” his voice was a whisper, careful not to disturb the golden atmosphere.

She took one of his hands and squeezed it as he continued, “Why do you spend all your time caring for this garden? That is what the gardeners are for.” She shook her head against his chest, pulling away but not dropping his hand.

“Because, I believe that within the heart of every man lays a flower of similar beauty. I care for these as if they were your heart. Because I hope to make the flower in you blossom,” she held a finger to his lips as they parted and smiled, “I look after them with care and make sure they have all my love and attention. Then they bloom and flourish into the beauty you see.” She lowered her hand and resumed her place beside his heart.

“You have made the flower in my heart bloom, Belle. I only wish I-” her hand reached up again.

“You don't have to wish because my heart is blooming too. Just like these flowers intertwine, as do our hearts. When you grow sof will I,” she let out a contented sigh and he ran a hand through her hair.

“I love y-”

“I love you too,” she murmured before he could even finish. The butterfly beat its wings, encircling them before flying off into the horizon. The man smiled and watched it for a while before closing his eyes too, resting his head on hers murmuring a final ‘I love you’ into her downy hair.

The End

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