Rose Strewn Path

Rose Evans is an outcast. It is her senior year and she has nothing to show for it except for her loyal best friend Xoe. Until he appears.

I awoke from the terrible nightmare clutching my chest and gasping for air. My dreams were getting more and more realistic, which in truth made them all the more frightening. I had begun to get these horrific dreams when I turned sixteen. I was nearing my eighteenth birthday now and yet they still plagued me.

I turned to face my alarm clock. It was only three in the morning. I really needed to catch up on my sleep. I was beginning to look like a zombie, at least that’s what Xoe told me. Xoe Vega has been my best friend since eighth grade. We do everything together and keep no secrets from each other, at least we didn’t until the dreams started appearing. I could never reveal them.

I forced myself to fall back asleep, trying to make myself dream of the upcoming Autumn Festival and all the fun Xoe and I would have when it arrived. It worked, within moments I was out.

I woke up at seven to the sound of my alarm blaring. It seemed so excessively loud in the empty cavern of a room. Mother had recently moved us from our normal suburban house to a sprawling mansion property in the middle of the country. Such a shame to waste my dear departed step-father’s money on such a dump. Though I was lucky that it was still close enough to Hillson so I could still go to Hillson High with Xoe. It spanned 50 acres of meadow which was in no way beautiful and a forest which clung to the back 20 acres as though it were trying to devour the rest of the land into its mysterious depths. The property was surrounded by a massive wrought iron fence and guarded by the sinister looking gates that blocked entrance to the driveway. The whole place held a kind of forgotten beauty underneath its decaying exterior. The house looked a lot like the White House probably would if everyone abandoned it and let it fall into disrepair for about a hundred years. When mom bought the house, the real estate agent said it would take a lot to fix up the old house but in the end it would be worth it. Though we couldn’t see it now, this house had once been the envy of all of the other plantation houses in the area. That would probably explain the garden of death in our backyard. No normal person would buy a house with dead bodies rotting in their backyard. But of course, Mother‘s not normal. She probably thought they added to the historical significance of the property as a whole. I thought they helped to further alienate me from the rest of the student body at Hillson High School.

It was my senior year and all I had managed to do was to slip by as unnoticed or avoided as much as possible. I had never managed to catch the attention of a cute guy or become top of the class. I had become a social outcast and managed to drag my best friend into obscurity along with me. Well at least I would see her in a little bit

I dragged myself out of the comfort of my four poster bed and quickly made it. I made my way towards the walk-in closet that I would never manage to fill. I grabbed a Doors tee, a pair of jeans, and a pair of Roxy shoes that I loved. I walked across the dark, empty hall to the bathroom. I showered quickly and was forced to confront the facts. I was going to have to tackle my hair.

My hair is not hair. It is a large, hairy monster that decided to call my head its home. It cannot be tamed and always seems to look out of control to spite me. Reason does nothing to help my case. Xoe jokes that it makes me look like a sexy Amazon. I say that it makes me look like the poster child for bad hair. It was mid-back length, black, and its waves were strong enough to challenge the sea. I managed to plead with it so it choose not to swallow my face today. Instead it sat on my shoulders, spilling over in spots where the immense volume could no longer fit. It was still kind of frizzy but it was still an improvement. I smiled.

I skipped make-up. My beige skin was clear of blemishes and make-up was just not for me. Xoe had put it on me once our sophomore year. The look her older brother Emmett had given me made me take it off immediately. Either I looked like so strange that words had failed him or I was somehow attractive. I chose to go with strange.

I was ready to leave. I called Xoe up and told her I would meet her outside. I’m still working on scraping up the funds to get my own car, so until then Xoe and I will continue to carpool. I walked the quarter mile or so as to meet her at the front gates.

Her dusty, old, maroon sedan wheezed up the drive and stopped to get its breath. I reminded myself to work extra hard on getting more money in the car fund. Trusty, Xoe’s car, looked about ready to be buried in a junkyard somewhere. But no one could even think about insulting Trusty in her presence without ending up with a black eye.

The End

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