The Ending

Julee walked slowly over to the lone grave that sat underneath the very tree that Caleb and her had shared their first kiss. A sad smile touch her lips as she looked up fondly at the tree that now sat as the protector of her love. She ran a hand over the rough bark of the tree.

Turning slowly back to Caleb's grave she walked round and knelt infront of it,

"Caleb, it's been three months now but I still miss you like it happened yesterday... I know you're watching over me and I want you to be proud of me. I am moving closer to the sea... to be closer to you. I will still visit, I will never forget you Caleb. I hope you can hear me Caleb? I love you."

A breeze rolled through the grass causing Julee's hair to fall gently around her face, it felt just like someone touching her cheek. She smiled and looked up at the sky, the sun shone down brightly.

The roses on Caleb's grave swayed gently against the breeze, Julee looked up at the head stone. She had finally chosen what to put as her final statement,

I shall always love you too.


The End.

The End

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