Dream State

The next few days passed in a dream state, people came and went, all giving their deepest apologize to Julee. She felt like screaming in frustration,

"No you're not! You're glad he's dead!!"

None of them had approved of Julee seeing a simple sailor, they had wanted her to marry higher up. The rose sat on the window sill, drooping like the death of Caleb had caused it's sweet life to be shortened too. The water it was sat in was a cloudy, murky, green.


The day of the funeral was one of which made it look like the Gods were mourning over the loss of Julee's love too.
The sly was a deep grey, with millions of tear drops being released from the heavens.
The small procession of people waited as the priest said the final goodbye. Julee watched as the dumped a shovel of soil onto Caleb's coffin. The headstone remained bear for there was nothing Julee could think to put that would get across her love for Caleb.


Time seemed to pass slowly for Julee, she didn't see anyone, she spent her days thinking about Caleb.

One day she was in the drawing room staring out the declaration of death for Caleb, her eyes were a violent red from the endless tears that fell from her eyes. She opened the draw to put the letter away, unable to bear the pain it brought. Something caught her eye, a red ribbon.

Julee lifted out the letter that Caleb had given her, she had been unable to open it. The rose sat on the window, wilted and slowing fading away into nothing. Julee pressed the letter to her heart and gingerly pulled apart the ribbon, letting it fall gracefully onto the table top.


The letter laid open on the table top, the ribbon lay across it and I single rose petal sat neatly on top. Julee's eye caught the one line that gave her the will to keep on living,

I shall always love you.

Julee got up slowly and walked out of the room, leaving the letter open on the desk. Tears fell down her cheek, but now not all of them were full of sadness.

The End

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