Tears & Writing

A tear ran down Julee's cheek, a letter was held in her hands, unopened.
There was an official stamp on it which meant only one thing, the letter was a declaration of a death.

Julee's heart lurched. Caleb...
She prayed that it wasn't for Caleb, please let it not be about Caleb... Please.

Julee waled slowly to the drawing room, she locked the door behind her. Pressing a hand against the cold, hard wood of the oak doors, Julee closed her eyes and tried to calm her fluttering heart.
She went over to the desk and sat in the plush red chair, scanning her eyes over the red, floral wallpaper.
She was putting it off, the letter sat there taunting her. Julee's hand shook as she reached out to open the letter, she withdrew the paper inside.

 A few minuets later and terrible cry rang through the house. Julee has her head on the desk, the letter sitting open. Three words could be seen clearly,

'Death of Caleb'

Julee's body shuddered as she let out tortured sobs. She was repeating one phrase to herself,

"You promised, you promised..."

The End

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