Swift Storm

Many days passed, Julee and Caleb continued to send letters to each other. The letter guarded by the ribbon, like a knight guarding a princess, lay untouched. Caleb's words still rang clear in Julee's ears, 'If, by the cruel fates, we do end up being parted through life and death read that letter and be strong for me.' With that, Caleb disappeared on board the great steel ship that seemed to laugh at Julee, giving her the morbid feeling that he and she would never meet again.


The ship rocked gently against the rolling waves as it cruised through the Pacific. The room seemed to sway at every passing wave and Caleb's pen rolled gently across the steel table that was bolted to the floor.
He sighed quietly to himself and glanced out of one of the portholes, sunlight streamed through and Caleb turned his gaze back to the letter that he held dearly in his hands. Caleb's heart ached with the longing for Julee.
The letter Julee had sent contained a rose that had been pressed, so as to keep. Caleb was about to write a letter back when suddenly a jarring impact hit the boat.

Caleb had time to look up and see the glow of a fire that seemed to rush up through the corridor.


8:15 am- Swift Storm is destroyed by an enemy rocket.
Crew- No survivors.

The End

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