A gentle breeze ran through the garden, bringing up the smell of the various flowers that swayed in their beds. A letter on a table flapped slightly at the breeze but stayed weighed down by the blood red rose that sat like a shining crown upon it, tied down by a simple red ribbon. A ribbon that protected the secret that it held, stopping prying eyes from reading that which they should not.

The letter sat alone on the table, sun shining down. The gentle breeze came once again and traveled down the patio steps to a sandy beach and on further to cross the sea and touch other stories.

Two people stood on the pier which sat out into the sea, blue glistering water swished gently against the aged wood. The two figures walked closer together, breathing as one.
One was a young woman who was wearing a lime green summer dress and had mouse brown hair hanging loosely beyond her shoulders. Her eye like the blue of the ocean, eyes glistering with the suggestion of tears, her lower lip trembling slightly.

A summer romance was all that she had wanted, a romance that would end with the summer, but she had fallen for him. She had really fallen for him.
He made her happy, made her feel beautiful, but summer was ending and he was being shipped back out to sea for the next two long years.

The man touched her cheek and she nuzzled into the man's chest, wrapping her arms around his waist, pulling him closer to her.

"Please don't leave me Caleb." The woman whispered into his chest.

Caleb ran his hand through her hair and down her back. He wrapped his arms around the woman's slim figure.

"I'm sorry Julee, I have to go."

He lifted her chin so that Julee was looking into his deep brown eyes,

"I will come back... I promise." Julee stepped onto tiptoes and leaned forward to gently rush her lips against Caleb's.

Julee turned to leave but Caleb grabbed her wrist, she spun round and Caleb kissed her, not just a brush of lips but deep passion.
They stepped away from the embrace and Caleb looked down, his cheeks tinged to a rosy colour. The sun was setting and cast a gentle orange glow, like the glow of a warm fire.

The End

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