3 Months, 4 Days, 5 Hours, and 33 Minutes

A hand reached from under a comforter in a dark room. It reached blindly trying to find an anonymous object in the darkness. It grasped in vain until finally it wrapped itself around a thick bottle on the floor. The hand then reached up, bottle firmly in its grasp, and went under the comforter were Jack, with barely a thought, drank the remainder of his Whiskey bottle. He sat up in bed and wiped the back of his culprit of a hand that had helped him with his alcoholic vise on his mouth.

He walked over to his desk where he had papers and photographs of gangsters prominent in the area. He then picked up the same black permanent marker that he had bought three months ago and scratched out the previous day on his calendar. It had been three months, four days, five hours, and thirty three minutes ago that Kate had been taken from him. His hand trembled as he remembered the frenzied 911 call and all the lights that were dark in his shadow of a world that had become Kateless. He stared at a picture of their wedding day and grabbed a random, empty Vodka bottle from the bottle strewn floor. He looked at it and caught a glimpse of his reflection. Rage surged through him and he threw the bottle against the apartment wall, where it shattered instantly.

Jack's scruff of a beard itched his face, his eyes burned and his hands trembled. All he knew had been forgotten and he had hit many dead ends. Las Rosas were perhaps the most elite of all the gangs and his task force had been researching them many weeks before his marriage. He had vowed to protect his family. He had failed. The other agents that were with him reported no abuse or threats from the gang, but yet he had been especial enough for them.

His knees gave way and he fell to the wooden floor, in a position that would have tricked an outsider to believe that he was a faithful Catholic, or perhaps Christian. But he was neither. He had no reason to pray, all was done--all was taken.

He wept until his blood turned cold and he passed out onto his floor, drunk and pitifully selfless.

The End

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