Las Rosas

Jack parked the car in front of his and Kate's house and turned in his seat.

"What was-" she began, but he cut her off.

"Listen carefully," he began, unbuckling his seatbelt and looking directly at her. "We are going to go inside and we are going to lock the door. If I scare you because of something I may do, please do not be."

When Kate didn't say anything Jack held her hand tightly. "We are in terrible danger and now that we are a family it is my duty to protect you."

He opened the door and walked around the car, a million thoughts crossing his mind. His brown hair lay matted to his forehead and he stared into his wife's questioning eyes as he opened the car door on her side. "You have to trust me." He said hopefully.

His thoughts were in turmoil and he remembered how he had vowed to never endanger his family with any activity that may concern his job.

Jack had a secret.

No one really knew where he worked. They all thought he was a financial adviser. Kate thought he was a financial adviser. His parents, his friends, his neighbors--everyone, thought he was a financial adviser. Hell, why wouldn't they? He had proof, or at least the government had given him proof.The banking information, the company worker card, the worker insurance, he had it all.

But yet no one knew that the bank that he had informed everyone of had never had a Jack Walters working there. In fact, Jack had never stepped into the National Bank of Toronto.

This desperate secret was his and the government's to keep, but if someone threatened his family then he would not care to hide his true nature.

Kate unlocked the front door and steadily walked towards the answering machine to check the messages that had made the machine blink. He watched her for a minute before jumping into action. He locked the door and looked out the curtains. Nothing. Not for long anyway.

Making sure that Kate wasn't following him, he walked to his office and closed the door. He pressed on the thermostat on the wall and a large glass case appeared behind his desk. Guns, knives, and a vast array of technology sat on counters within the glass case. Pressing in the pass code, Jack took out a pistol and a silencer and assembled them. He grabbed several more weapons and grabbed a cell phone that was automated for his use in case of emergencies.

The sound of shattering glass echoed throughout the house and Jack ran out of his office after locking the secret glass case behind the wall again.

"Kate!" He yelled as he ran towards the living room, where the large window that overlooked their backyard had been and now lay shattered into pieces on the carpet.

The same kid that was in the car that he had warned stared up at him from where he was bending over his wife, who lay semi-conscious on the floor. "I swear, you lay a finger on her and you'll be gone from this world faster than--"

"Faster than what mister?" His voice was cold and rigid.

"I know about the whole initiation," he looked at his confused wife who started to struggle against the teenage boy's strong grasp. "Please, let her go, you don't have to do this, life isn't so great being part of a gang like that."

The boy smirked. "You think I'm doing this as an initiation pact?" He raised his left cheek at Jack, displaying the rose. "Can't you see I'm all ready a member?"

Jack stared at the boy without much to say and he aimed his gun at his head. "You better let her go."

"Oh, I will." The boy said. "You must know though, my boss wasn't very happy when you busted Viktor Juniper."

"Oh yeah? And why's that?" Jack asked, standing his ground.

"Well you see, he was my boss's favorite dealer. The guy made him millions in one day. He's not a happy guy." His smile widened. "We Rosas are beautiful, but we have thorns and when you try to take one of ours, we'll prick you so hard you'll wish that you were never born." As he finished his sentence the boy lifted Kate up off of the floor and pushed her towards Jack.

"Jack-" she whimpered and the sound of a gunshot nearly deafened him. Kate fell into his arms as the boy quickly jumped out the living room window.

"You son of a-" Jack shouted as he shot aimlessly at the now gone boy. The gun dropped from his hand as he cradled his now dead bride in his hands.


The End

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