Rose Blood

I was reading up some urban legends and one of the gang ones inspired me... I can't write too much in here because it will give the story away...

The stars of night time overcame the sky as Jack and Kate Walters drove in their old beat up Ford down the long deserted streets of downtown Toronto. Their flight from Scotland, where they had spent a week for their honeymoon, had been delayed by several hours and instead of arriving at ten p.m. like scheduled, they had arrived at three in the morning.

The Toronto heat, though it was night time, was unbearable and Kate, who had gotten accustomed to the cold breezes of Scotland, rolled down her window. "This is insane," she said while fanning herself with her hand. "Isn't it supposed to cool down at night?"

Jack stared at his wife lovingly and said nothing. He kept driving, occasionally letting himself forget the speed that he was driving at. They had known each other for two years and he had fallen in love with everything that made her who she was. He loved her sleek black hair and her questioning blue eyes, just like she confessed once to loving his sheepish grin and butt. He looked sideways quickly and caught a glimpse of her shoulder and thought of the many things he would do that he hadn't done on the honeymoon.

As he caught another glance at his young wife her eyes grew wide as she warned, "There's a police car!" Jack slowed down and drove harmlessly past the hidden trooper that sat darkly and mysteriously on a corner of Queen Street.

They drove in silence for a few minutes before Jack noticed an old car that was driving slowly with its headlights turned off. He felt sorry for the senior that must have forgotten and felt that it was his duty to signal the poor driver and warn them that a police officer was in hiding, expecting someone to break the law. As he flashed his bright lights at the old car a shiver ran down his back as a thought crossed his mind. Before he could grasp at the thought, the same idea was out of Kate's mouth.

"Why would there be someone like that driving around at this time of night?"

Seconds after flashing his lights Jack's heart thumped as the old car stopped. As he drove by slowly he faintly made out a teenage boy in the car. Ice ran through him as Jack realized that the boy was smirking at him and with one final glance he noticed the rose, with a stem and thorn tattooed on his cheek. Jack sped off and started clenching the steering wheel and cursing.

"Honey, calm down! What's wrong?" Kate asked, seemingly worried.

Jack didn't say anything. As he struggled to control his anger and horror he began to think of how he was going to get Kate and himself out of this.

He knew the gang that that kid was trying to get into, he knew by the tattoo. He also knew that they were in a hell of a lot of trouble.

The End

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