Just Another MorningMature

“Rose, I want up and ready for the bus the school at seven thirty. Ok?”  My Mother tells me as she rushes down the hall already late for work.  She is always late to leave home but somehow always managed to reach work on time without speeding.

I mumble a reply letting her know that I heard before I unintentionally falling back to sleep.  Waking up again, I glance at my clock and seeing its five past seven I pull myself out of my warm, comfortable bed. I started getting dressed for school pulling on my school uniform before erupting into coughing fit. I sounded like a barking dog and I couldn’t stop to breathe.

 My Dad left for work early this morning and my Mother worked a morning shift today, so I am trusted to get myself ready for school. It’s starting to get colder and after a fairly warm autumn I’m feeling the cold, so I pull layers of jumpers before walking outside to feed my horse and take his rugs off.  My horse makes me happy so whenever I can, I escape to talk him, strange thing to do but he listens and its better than talking to myself.  My horse has always resembled freedom; I felt all my problems disappear into to wind as we rode.

Walking back inside I am greeted with a small amount of warmth, since the fire isn’t going. I tug off my jumpers that I’m not allowed at school due to our very strict uniform policy, before again bursting into coughs. Normal parents would say “well considering your sick you can stay home for the day and rest” but mine being at work I push through it, looking at the clock it reads seven thirty.

Shit, my mother is going to eat me alive.

“Hey” I answer my mother’s call already dreading the conversation.

“Did you catch the bus ok?”

“No, I missed it.” I reply in a weak voice.

“I will ring and see if you get a lift with someone who is driving. Have you fed you horse?” My mother didn’t sound too impressed with me.

“Mmm, ok. Yes.”

“Well you most well stay home now.” She said in an angered tone although she wasn’t shouting I knew she wasn’t too happy. She hung up before I could say anything else. I wasn’t given the chance to say anything although I wish I could.

The End

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