Roll CallMature

I walked into Roll Call this morning embracing the slight warmth from the bitter, cold wind outside before getting my named marked off.  I grabbed the folder getting ready to tutor a year 7 student and help his English. Although when you meet people that don’t want to learn what are you supposed to do? How are you supposed to help them when they don’t want help?

“Rose, make sure you go and sit straight into your seat today.”  The teacher told me after marking my name off. Normally I sit with friends until our tutors arrive about 1o minutes late. I desperately wanted to yell at the teacher and ask what the point is. He isn’t going to do his work anyway, no matter where you sit him, but like always I kept my mouth shut and put up with it.  I am made to sit on a group table with other year 10 students and their tutors. They talk about going to parties on the weekend and planning to get drunk. 

At 8:40 my little kid arrives, 10 mins late. 10 minutes that I have to silently on my own think how pathetic my life is. Jai arrives obnoxiously yelling with his friends before grudgingly sitting down next to me.  I turn to say hello, to be polite but when I smell cigarette smoke on a year 7, 12 year old I am disgusted. How could someone so young do that to themselves?

Anyway, I sit at the quietly at the table waiting for the bell to go. I didn’t bother to help him with work, not that he put effort in anyway. I just sat thinking why am I here? Why couldn’t I just hide in a corner and read about the life of someone else and not worry for a while.

The End

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