A teenage girls story through some of her life.

“Rose, if you were a good granddaughter you would have made the bed for you Grandma after you put the electric blanket on.” My Mother tells me on the start of the two hour journey home from Canberra.  

Driving to Canberra is worth seeing your grandparents when you love them dearly but mine are just different... Don’t get me wrong I love them but when the meals are very small and dinner is always an awkward silence it’s not to fun. We went to visit mainly for my Pa he has Dementia and is having short term memory loss. I was asked how school was three times and all I can say I’d good or fine I can’t really say what’s wrong.

“Sorry.” I reply in a tone that doesn’t represent sympathy and quite frankly I don’t really care.

“Rose you should have helped your Grandma.” My mum doesn’t say anything about my tone even if she does notice it her voice doesn’t falter.

Again I just reply with a dull “Sorry.” Before placing my headphones in my ears and turning the music up to full volume. My parents have created this perfect image that my grandparents see every time. My parents have created me and think I’m just the perfect little angel. Only when my mum started criticising me and the way I wanted to be and how I want to live my life, that I realised, what I fake I really am.

Contently sitting still listening to my music, I think on the third time through the playlist, I got told by my mum to turn my music down because it annoying…? I desperately wanted to say how the hell would you know you been asleep for the past hour, but I don’t and I know shouldn’t. I obediently turn it down and stay silent the rest of the car ride. Me being asked to sit in the front when my grandparents were there I complied.  My dad driving quietly and like always never saying much adding the silence that filled the car.

The End

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