Chapter 14

"So what was that idea you had for us?" I asked, as I furrowed into Ross's chest. He was sitting, propped up against his pillows, his arms around me. I lay on my front, my head resting on Ross, my own arms around his back. We had kissed ardently yet I was still eager for more. Nothing could match the tremendous love Ross gave me, despite its slightly juxtaposed nature which meant that as much as it satisfied me, I continued to crave it - maybe even feeling greater longing after each special moment.

"I have many ideas for us, Rosa," Ross replied mysteriously.

I giggled. I felt like a superhero's sidekick or a rebel's best friend at school.

"Choose one then," I said to him, confident that I'd enjoy any activity he'd come up with.

A rush of warmth flowed into me from Ross's mind.

"Well," he said hesitantly, and I could hear the shyness in his tone, I was thinking that maybe we could try - only if you wanted to - to merge our spirits. Like our essences outside our souls." Ross sounded excited as he finished, and hopeful.

Intrigued, I said "Explain what you mean."

I felt more warmth fill my mind.

"You know we can picture ourselves - we can picture anything. Well, if we symbolised something symbolic, like balls of light becoming one shining beacon, it would be like our spirits were merging. Do you see what I'm saying?"

I did. Literally. As he talked, images formed in his mind: demonstrations, almost, of what he wanted to happen.

I watched, fascinated, as a gold and silver orb danced in an imagined forest on an imagined starry night, and melted into each other, becoming one great sphere which was both like the sun and the moon.

The picture faded and I was left among Ross's other thoughts and I longed for the fantasy to become reality.

‘I'd love that,' I thought. ‘You really have the most inspiring ideas.'

And so we did it.

At the same time, we pictured ourselves as shining orbs. On our combined mental plain, we saw each other's imagined form: me Ross's ball of weak sunlight and Ross my orb of a shimmery silver light, a form you might expect to see floating around a unicorn.

We both appeared to be transfixed: awed by the beautiful sights the imagination of the other had conjured up.

‘Now what do we do?' I asked.

‘I suppose we float in towards each other,' Ross replied, sounding almost troubled from the tremor in his mental voice which indicated his great anticipation and profound amazement at the prospect.

I, too, felt trembly as we gradually let flow these aspects of our thought, excited by the idea of collision but scared of the unknown consequences.

Ross paused in his uncertainty but I continued forth, my purpose clear and my pace steady in the realm of his mind where would happen on my path a significant event, and he slowly recommenced his own movement, only stopping as I did when the heart of the other's spirit loomed before us. I saw Ross's face, slightly pale against the light of his orb, and then the word ‘kiss' appeared in both our minds and we leant in to merge.

A rainbow exploded. Light poured onto the surface of the plain and flooded the sky and lit up the world. As red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet confetti swirled and fell around us, fires appeared: great and bright. We were bathed in the glow of a thousand stars, drowning in colour like the summer sun was shining down upon us and dancing in amongst the sparkling glitter which had appeared in the atmosphere. And this was just what we saw.

In terms of feelings, love and contentment pervaded every corner or our minds; warmth spilled out as if a giant bucket of joy mixed with pleasure mixed with bliss had been emptied out onto the shining meadow.

We felt ... each other. I found myself immersed in Ross's heart - his wonder washed over me, the calm and certainty which arose from sensing his Fate secured formed a rock of solid comfort deep inside me, the way he was moved by the depth of every emotion he felt around me struck a chord with my soul and his vision of me as the perfect lover rendered me euphoric. Ross was euphoric and our hearts expanded, swelling from sheer gratification.

It seemed that we had felt each other many times, yet each experience was novel and better than the last. It was as if we unconsciously strove to ameliorate the relationship, to increase and intensify the vast range of sensations and strengthen the already unbreakable bond between us. Our connection was a diamond rope; our hearts were symbiotic life forms; and our souls...: our souls were one magnificent universe, orchestrating every event in our lives, binding us together with chains of rainbow lights, giving us joint destinies to that our lives were two interwoven fibres and our essences were inextricable from our intricately designed, intertwining existences.

I wanted to laugh, I wanted to cry, I wanted to sing. I was drowning, melting, falling; I was rising, soaring, flying: I was me, I was Ross's, he was him, he was mine; and it was phenomenal.

I returned to my mind, overwhelmed by emotion, and rolled left to break the link so that I could rest my exhausted brain.

Presently I fell asleep. I dreamed that Ross was killing me in the most delightful manner. Well, love's a juxtaposition, right?

When I woke up, Ross was asleep. I silently got off the bed and stretched. I wandered out of the room and walked to Jack's bedroom. He was lying on his bed, reading a book. I quietly knocked and asked if I could pour myself a glass of milk.

"Sure but let me do it," he said. I found myself sentimentally smiling inside as I remembered how he had never been the kind of host to let the guests do things themselves.

The End

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