Chapter 5

Saturday 22nd October

Yay! Here commences half term and nine whole days of being with no one other than my darling, much-adored kingfisher. I'd love him to see these things I write about him, he'd just start kissing me so quickly that I'd forget to take a breath and faint in his arms as he made depriving me of oxygen feel so good. I'm in such a romantic mood! I'm inspired, naturally, and my euphoria certainly helps. Oh, I can't wait to see him!


            I bounded to Jack's house and rang the doorbell. I bounced on the doorstep, happy but impatient to get the much-deserved quality time with Ross I craved for.

Jack opened the door. "Heya Rosa," he said warmly.

"Hi Jack," I said quickly.

"How are you?"

"I'm great," I replied.

"That's good. The weather's nice for autumn, isn't it?"

"Yeah," I said, smiling.

Jack smiled back and stepped aside to let me in.

"Thanks," I called as I went off to find Ross.

I walked upstairs and pushed open Ross's door to find... an empty bedroom.

"Ross?" I called.

I got a sudden shock as hands grabbed my waist from behind.

"Ross!" I cried out, amused but taken totally by surprise.

He whispered in my ear, "Welcome to the best half-term holidays of your life."

I laughed. "Didn't you say that last year? And in February and in May?"

Ross put on a hurt tone as he said, "Are you saying I'm boring?"

"No, of course I'm not, my darling," I said fondly. "I was just commenting upon a fact."

"Well, at least I didn't do this every time. It wouldn't be any fun if you were expecting it."

"Yes, I have to admit, it was very well timed."

Ross turned me in his arms so that his hands were now clasped around my back. I was caught and held by the dancing, affectionate blue eyes which gazed down at me as if I were the most beautiful thing in the universe.

"Tell me I'm yours," he said, one arm travelling down to catch my compliant legs as he bent down to pick me up. He carried me over to the bed where he sat down and leant back against his propped up pillows, still holding me so I was facing him.

"Nah, I'm definitely yours."

"Well, actually we're each other's," he said, sticking his tongue out before promptly turning serious again. "I just want to hear you talking about me possessively."

"Okay then.  You're mine."

"I'm always yours."

"You're always mine."

"My heart is yours."

"Your heart is mine."

"You're never going to let go of it."

"I'm never going to let go of it."

"And I'll never want it back because being yours is the best experience in the world."

I smiled. "And you'll never want it back because being mine is the best experience in the world."

Ross leant down and kissed me. "Keep my heart and never, ever let go of it," he whispered before kissing me again.

I kissed him back, closing my eyes to escape the real world and enter the important world, the kingdom of love and ecstasy where the word magnificent had about as much meaning as the word nice as Ross and I strove to find the perfect way to describe our relationship and how much we loved each other. There was, of course, no winning description, but we enjoyed out-doing each other with the compliments we gave, which were all honest and heartfelt - how could you not tell the truth in your own mind? - and the game in itself was a sharing of something as part of the conveying love for each other.

‘Wondrous-euphoria-ecstasy-phenomenal-sensation' was one of Ross's ideas today.

‘Pleasure-tender-warm-affection-bonding-perfection-experience,' I thought back, feeling slightly smug for joining together more words than Ross whilst simultaneously luxuriating in the love I was wrapped up in.

Ross was just at peace with the world. I could tell nothing else apart from me held interest for him or mattered. Even the game was unimportant as he checked I was comfortable from how I was lying across him on my side, knowing I wouldn't care if I ended up with pins and needles.

‘Rose-doves-are-the-most-perfect-people-on-the-planet-sensation,' Ross thought absent-mindedly, toying with my hair.


I doubted I'd ever get bored of this but just in case it was a little tiresome for Ross, I made that one the last. I snuggled up to his shoulder (thus stopping kissing him) and fell asleep on him.

During my nap, my dreams mingled with Ross's thoughts and feelings, making me feel like I was half immersed in reality and half in the dream world. I imagined Ross was Peter Pan and I was Wendy and we were flying among the starts, the other boys not so curiously left behind at the house and then my imaginings became a dream about stars and flying and finding myself in Neverland.

I heard Ross chuckle a couple of times but I didn't wake up for a while.

            When I did, I smiled up at him and reached up to stroke his face.

"How did my life become so perfect?" I asked, pushing myself up so I was sitting rather than lying across Ross.

"You found someone half as brilliant as you?"

"Much as I'd like to object to your description of yourself, I'm not in the mood for discussion or comparisons."

"Good," Ross said, poking his tongue out. "'Cos I'm not in the mood for argument when I know I'm right."

I rolled my eyes. "Over-complimentary fool."

"Oi, I'm not a fool. I'm a kingfisher and my opinion is greatly valued." Ross folded his arms, pretending to be annoyed.

I moved so I was kneeling on his lap. I began to tickle him.

He began laughing and tried to push me away but I refused to budge and tickled him harder. He ended up falling backwards from laughing so hard.

Suddenly, he grabbed my waist and gazed keenly into my eyes. I paused, wondering what he was going to do. In the next second, something bizarre was happening. It felt like a feather was in my mind and tickling my thoughts.

I started laughing, feeling myself being tickled in this peculiar way. He had let go of my waist - he had just grabbed it to gain my attention: our legs were in contact with each other - and was now watching me with a wide grin as he continued to tickle me mentally.

"This is so weird," I said as I giggled.

Ross smiled. The tickling abruptly ceased. I looked at him curiously. For a few seconds, he just gazed happily into my eyes. I felt like a child and felt similar youth-like feelings in Ross's mind.

Quite suddenly, I felt a flash of an idea in Ross's mind. Oddly, he shielded it from me but it came out when he asked aloud "Rosa..., may I stroke your soul?"

His expression had gone from light-hearted to serious so quickly that I was slightly startled by the new intensity in his gaze.

"Stroke ... my soul?" I repeated dubiously, unsure whether I had heard him correctly.

"Yes," he said, with certainty.

The End

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