Chapter 2

Sunday 28th August

            This summer has been immense. Never before did I imagine you could spend so much time with one person and not get bored.

But did the holidays go fast! I'm really not looking forward to the start of a new school term, even if it's 9 days away. I've grown so used to Ross being by my side all the time that a working day without him is a daunting prospect. I have to make the most of the next week and a bit to prevent unnecessary regret and wistfulness. It sounds crazy, doesn't it? That's love, though.


Wednesday 7th September

            School was intolerable today. My chest was aching and I felt like someone had torn a massive chunk out of it. To make things worse, my parents have told me I won't be allowed any friends around my house after school until I get straight A's in the next set of assessments. You'd think I'd been failing the previous year. The worse grade was a C in the last set and I resent my parents' view that Ross had something to do with that. I was winding down, that's all. It was mere coincidence that I'd been seeing Ross every couple of nights. Ow, my heart hurts now. I'm feeling that awful sense of incompleteness. I hope the pain becomes ignore-able or at least has a numbing effect on my emotions.


Thursday 8th September

            Thank goodness! The pain eased off. Now I can prove to my parents that my kingfisher is not the cause of bad grades. I fail to see how he could cause anything bad.


Friday 9th September

            It's Ross's 23rd today. How odd. Not that it's strange for someone to become 23, but he still looks roundabout my age, if not a little older. I should be used to it by now but in finding he was such a normal guy - that he could love and be hurt - I sort of forgot he was a witch.


I resented school at this moment in time. Fancy keeping me apart from my kingfisher on his birthday.

I sighed and walked downstairs to watch some TV before I left the house.

I was surprised when the doorbell rang. I got off the sofa and ambled over to the door. My heart fluttered when I recognised the figure through the frosted glass. I opened the door and beamed at my lover.

"Happy Birthday! I'm so sorry I have school today."

Ross shrugged. "You can't help that. Do you mind if I walk you in?"

"Um, no, that's fine."

"Cool. Can I come in then?"

I'd been gazing into his eyes and wondering if my life could be more perfect.

"Oh, of course. How rude of me."

I stepped aside and shut the door behind him.

"Did you sleep well?" Ross asked as we went to sit on the sofa. I absent-mindedly turned off the TV.

"No, not really."

"No? What was wrong? Anything I could help with?"

I grinned. "You're helping already actually. I missed you; that was all. I miss you every night."

Ross sighed and crossed his arms. "You missed me? And that's a reason to make me worry that my darling rose-dove is having bad dreams or the like?"

"Oh, you don't need to worry."

"Well I know that now. But it's kind of impossible not to be anxious when my life depends on your wellbeing and emotional state."


"That's okay. As long as you're okay."

"Couldn't be better." I paused. "You know what?"


"I'm really not in the mood for conversation."

Ross grinned. "No, me neither. I was just waiting for you to say something."

He leant in and kissed me. We immediately entered the world we had discovered last December. It was a slightly dangerous thing to do as every time this happened we conveyed our thoughts to every person in the building and totally lost ourselves in each other, but the pleasure was undeniable and really, we'd be lying to ourselves - and each other (the worst crime in the world) - if we said we could go for longer than a day without a fresh memory of the delightful sensation.

When he broke away, there was pure adoration in his eyes. "You make every day so wonderful," he sighed. "What can I do to repay you this favour?"

"You repay it when you kiss me," I replied. "Anyway, you're not obliged to do anything on your birthday."

"Are you sure? I would lock myself in a room with a tiger if you wanted."

"Darling, why would I want that? I'm sure it messes up your thinking when we kiss."

"I think it does, too." He sounded slightly breathless. "I don't get why you're immune to the effects. Maybe I'm not sending you enough love."

"No, you do everything perfectly. I just wait until it's safe for me to be totally absorbed in you."

"Well, I think it's safe. You're in your own home. May I?"

"Take my breath away? You really don't need to ask that."

Ross smiled as he leaned in to kiss me again. This time, I allowed his love for me to overpower my thoughts and feelings.

When he broke away, my heart was singing and I was sure I could see stars dancing around him. It was me who was breathless now.

"Shall we go take you to school?"

I nodded.

Ross stood up and held out a hand. I took it and stood up, swaying slightly. He steadied me, smiled and led me out the front door, pausing before the porch to pick up my folders and sling my bag over his shoulder.

"Do you think I could pretend I'm a prospective student?" he asked.

"You could do anything," I replied, quite light-headed from exhilaration.

"The only fear is I'd be too much of a distraction for you."

I shrugged. "School would be more fun than anyone had ever conceived it could be."

"Would you mind if I used my sapphire on the teachers who were sceptical?"

"Of course not."

"I might just do so then." He grinned. "A day in the constant presence of my rose-dove. What an amazing birthday present."

I rolled my eyes. "You love me too much." I was starting to recover now.

Ross stepped out in front of me and stopped.

"Too much? Could anyone love you enough?"

"I daresay you could."

"But you're so... phenomenal."

"You might be slightly biased."

He stroked my hair. "Don't you think you're wonderful?"

"Not particularly. It might be considered a little bigheaded."

He ignored my latter comment. "Well, someone's failed in telling you about yourself."

"I don't think that someone was you somehow."

Ross gazed deep into my eyes. "Well, I'll rectify that person's mistake. You are the most fantastic girl I've ever known and it's truly an honour to be your kingfisher. I think everyone should envy me, really."

"Nah, everyone wants to be in my shoes."

"Oh, no, I'm nothing special. You: you're the real deal."

I laughed. "I really don't believe that."

"You should," he murmured, and kissed me again.

We started walking again but were still quite late when we walked in through the school gate.


The End

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