Rosalie and JuliaMature

What would happen if Romeo and Juliet were set in modern day society? What if both characters were female? A reimagination of classic anglo literature, as written by a feminist.

Every suburban neighborhood has its quiet feuds, its miniscule shows of dominance between neighbors. Over the new fence perhaps, or the stereotypical duels that occur around the holiday season as each house tries to appear more festive than the one next door. 

For the Montagues and the Capulets, however, these battles were a part of life. On the surface, everything seemed fine. They were polite to each other at neighborhood barbecues, never shouted, screamed or cursed, and yet, there was a certain tension between the two households that couldn’t quite be described. 

Neither family was all that different from the other. Their children went to the same school, swam on the same swim team, and had lived next door to each other all their lives. Their world was one of piano recitals and soccer games. Those children had mothers that stayed home to serve their families; an act of unquestioning submission to their husbands, who would come home after a long day at work to sit on the sofa and watch television. It was the kind of life that any outsider would envy.

It was the kind of life that choked the spirit from anyone who dared to speak out against the uniformity. That’s the thing about people, they never have the courage to be the ones standing against the crowd. They’re afraid of being knocked down, trampled by the opinions of the majority. They never realize that they have to be knocked down to send a message. Everything comes at a price, and the sacrificial lambs are never forgotten.

The End

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