Dirty HandsMature

The doors open and the cool air rushes across their faces and slips around any crevice and corner of the two entering the shop.  Flowers send emissaries to every part of Miranda's nose.  She smiles.  Every time the Salk ladies come in, the owner greets them with a welcoming smile and maybe a hug, if their day had been going great.  Of course, there are times where the family business isn't going well, and no one is happy.  The war in Korea has it's effects on this small town.  Anne and Dexter Lowery have had their son taken away and he is now fighting in the far east.  Compulsory military service is what the government calls it.

"Oh, look at these Momma!" Miranda shows her a whole boquet of random flowers. 

Her eyes are glowing at the selection, and her ma just giggles.  After a few minutes of browsing the selections, the town bigots strut their expensive clothes and shoes while Chanel Number 5. chokes out the flowery smell all throughout the entrance of the flower shop.  The manager's wife, Anne Lowery greets them, but continues her conversation with Angela while Mindy, the bigot woman's Daughter, approaches Miranda as she happily sniffs some daisies. 

"You know, that dress you're wearin' is makin' these flowers look good,"  Mindy smirks "and that's nothin' to be proud of."  She drifts away from Miranda and continues that nasty smirk.

"Well, did you know that your teeth sure make these daisies look white."  Miranda smirks and takes a few arrogant steps behind Mindy.

"Well, you can kiss my *ss." Mindy turns and peers into her eyes. 

By this time, it is obvious that they are both not very happy with each other, and neither of them are leaving this with a smile.  Mindy walks to the front of the store where Angela is leaning against the counter having a conversation with Anne.  She snatches the old wooden cane and walks quickly to the open door. 

"Hey Mrs. Salk"  Mindy holds up the cane "you and  that white trash youngin of yours can eat dirt."  She tosses the cane into the street just as a car passes right over the vintage wood.

Miranda stomps past her ma and passes the doors.  "You think that's funny" She grabs Mindy by the neck of her tailered blouse and raises her fist.

Before Miranda can land a hit on the hellyin, someone grabs her by her forearm.  Miranda  looks back to see her ma standing behind her.  Angela's hat is lying helpless on the sidewalk, fighting the breeze.  

She pulls her daughter off of Mindy and says, "Get back to the car."

Mindy runs to the her mother who happens to be teary eyed and quickly approaching the scene, but before she can pass the sidewalk, Mindy falls to her mother's feet.  Both Angela and Miranda are at the car before the two harpies could have any reaction to them leaving. 

On the ride to the feed store, Angela says to Miranda without looking, "You reckon that little hissy fit was nothing a lady should do." Her attention is directed straight ahead, but Angela knows she is listening. 

"Dirty hands mean that I did somethin' right," she looked out the window as the car passed the girl and her mother holding each other as if they had never done so before "and I don't think I was wrong for what I did."

The End

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