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November 23rd, 2013

This is it my love. This is it. I stand here. I wait here. I sacrifice myself for you, and wish you the best, my love. But I will be waiting.

I leave this book with you as a memento of me in case you don't find me. Earlier on are our earlier memories of when we were younger. Please keep searching for me, and please, don't hate me. I'll be waiting. For you.

                                                                                                                                                   Lucy x

My emotions ran as I read this. I felt tears burning my eyes. I felt my body lose control. I half watched my body attack the figure in front in rage. A desk was thrown across the room. I half heard the thud from across the room. The others weren't around me. They mustn't have followed. I half heard a girl shout my name to escape with her. But how could I? My one true love, the reason that I had lost and found once again for living had just disappeared from the room and possibly from life. Why should I leave? I shouldn't leave. I should search for her. Find a spot for her grave. At least, once I'd found her body.


'WHERE IS SHE?' He screamed. I'd never witnessed anything like his rage. He swung his weapon at the man with rage with no idea who he was, only knowing that he took the shot at her. 'Please stop,' I said. How could I though? I'd seen his connection with her. 'Come on Mixie,' Shouted Rocky, 'I don't want to leave him either, but I know another way that we can help him, a way we can help everyone.' Before I could question him and his words, he slung me over his shoulder and threw me through the portal. I just hoped in those few seconds, that Michael would be alright. I hoped that everything would be ok for him again. Someday.


I stood over a pool of liquid bewildered and panting. I look over to the diary on the floor with it's blue patterns and velvety pattern. I will find you Lucy. Someday.

                                                                       GOOD END

The End

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