Left doorMature

'She isn't here,' I said after a pause. We looked around and all there was were four sets of bunk beds, each occupied. 'What is this?' Caitlin asked.


'Dunno but we have to keep looking!' Replied Mike. Him and the rest ran off. But I stayed along with Rocky. It seemed that he too was interested in the room. I walked over to one bed. In it lay a girl, lifeless. Her face was white and she had brown long hair. Next to her lay two swords. I felt that, that I had a connection with her somehow, but I'd never seen her before. 'Was this--' I started. 'The last set of teens to come in here,' Finished Rocky. That was exactly what I thought. In each bed lay a different one. It was horribly depressing. I felt a tear fall down my cheek. 'It's not fair, why them?' I whispered. Just then I heard a bang, as if a body falling to the floor. But, it was my body. Why? The room was darkening, but then, I felt something leave my mouth. Words. 'Tell L-309 I love her,' I say, silently. Rocky looks confused. He didn't hear me. Reapeating, 'Inform Louise, My sister, That I love her.'

                                                                              Caitlin END

The End

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