Meeting up for the second timeMature

Somehow, Lucy had obtained a book by the time that we met up. It was a dark blue colour and had a velvety texture to the top of it. I decided not to make a thing of it though. 'Here they are!' Said Johnny triumphantly holding a group of different looking keys. Before I could even question how, he commanded, 'Let's go!'


Each key slotted into a different lock that fitted it's shape. As this process went on, the giant web of chains preventing us from going onwards reduced in density. Finally, as Lucy's key, the final key, was twisted into the corresponding lock, the chain fell and a clear path was revealed. 'Ok,' I said, 'Everyone read--' but before I could finish, Lucy ran ahead up the stairs. This was quite out of character and made me feel somewhat panicked. 'Let's go!' I commanded. My legs moved ahead of the rest of my body as if cartooned. This was the final stretch, the last lap, the wood on the door to escape, so why was Lucy hurrying ahead? As we reached the top, we were greated by five doors- all differing greatly from each other, The door on the very left was wooden and had some letter arranged neatly on it to spell out, 'Sleeping Quaters'. Next to that was possibly the strangest of them all. The door was a light blue and metallic looking, like nothing we'd ever seen before in the Reflec Zone and matching none of the layout. Furthermore, there was no handle which brought us to the conclusion that it was automatic, and on its right was a small code device with number keys on it. 'Ngggghh!' Grunted Rocky and Johnny as they rammed themselves against it in an effort to get it open. 'No dice,' said Johnny, 'Guess we need a code,' Said Rocky. 'But we haven't seen any codes for a door like this. Heck. We haven't even seen a door like this!' Moaned Mixie. 'Yeah,' added Rocky, 'The only blue thing we've seen here at all was the sky in Caitlin's room.' 'Wasn't a code on that was there?' I joked. Rocky returned a smirk. 'Why would there be a code on the sky?' Asked Emerald. 'N-never mind,' I finished. There was an awkward silence. She clearly didn't get that was a joke. 'Anyways, we should leave this one for now,' Finished Emerald. We nodded and moved on. Next was a door that had a golden plaque on it saying 'Manager'. 'Could that be like the ruler of this place?' Wondered Caitlin. Following that was a golden door that was almost blinding to look at. 'We can't possibly go in there!' Wailed Max. 'Moving on then...' I replied. The last door was wooden but this time with no letters or plaques on it. Instead, it had an exit sign above it. 'This must be where the mirror is then.' I commented. 'What?' Came in unison. That's when I realised I hadn't told anyone about my dream. I took in a deep breath and explained.


There was a long silence. But then, unexpectedly, Jasmine stood out and said, 'I believe you.' This brought on a reassuring smile and a following line of 'I believe you too's. 'Oh please, how do we know that you aren't just going to go and lock us all in there somehow. How do we know you're not this 'manager'. How do we know that office isn't yours? How do--' But before Max could finish his long line of answerless questions, Jasmine put her hand on his shoulder and said, 'He won't do that.' After a while, after staying silent for a bit he muttered a 'Fine.' Jasmine turned back to me. 'So,' She said, 'Which room, leader?'

The End

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