Resteraunt with Max, Jasmine and LucyMature

My curiosity was pushing me toward Max and Jasmine. Just what did Jasmine want from that figure before in Kingdom? There was nothing for it. 'I want to team up with Max and Jasmine,' I said definitively. Maybe a little too definitively as Max stepped back in shock. 'I'm going with you,' Said Lucy. I felt relieved. Not relieved because I didn't like Caitlin or anything, but relieved because, well, Lucy and I had so much catching up to do!'


20th December, 2011

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Why would Lucy have moved away without telling me? I mean, It's not that I was sad or anything. I mean obviously I want the best for her and stuff! You know we did have good times though. Like that time with the Ice Cream that she dropped on herself. Ah, the memories. No. No I am not tearing up, it's just a bad reaction to Christmas trees that's all. But still, I hope I can see her still. Someday. Somewhere. Sometime.


We walked through the door but together this time. It seemed like Jasmine had kind of warmed to us after the last room. We did kick butt after all! Once again, we stood facing three doors however only one was left remaining. This time it was an Enigma door. 'We're looking to solve a puzzle,' Said Max. Of course he knew what he was talking about since he went through an Enigma door in Kingdom. 'Remember the door will close behind us and we'll only have so much time,' He turned to us, 'So just try to keep up with us and our higher intelligence ok?' Ugh, I knew this mood was too good to be true. We twisted the nob on the door and ventured through into what looked like a Restaurant. The room was filled with One long table and different coloured chairs around it. Each chair was a different colour. As the four of us set off looking for clues to solve the puzzle of the room, I told Lucy to come with me to examine the chairs. They seemed just like ordinary chairs, nothing special about them. As a hunch I looked underneath a Red chair and sure enough there was something; a number. As I looked under more I saw that each had a number underneath them. The red had a 4, the Purple had a 6, the Green had a 2, the Yellow had a 9, the Blue had a 1, the Pink had a 3, the grey had an 8, the white had a 5, and the Black had a 7. Furthermore, there were two different styled chairs far away from the table I noticed after examining the black and final chair. But before I could see if anything was under them, Max demanded our attention. He escorted our eyes first to a key pad. On it were buttons with not numbers but instead colours on them. More importantly though he showed us to another wall with a message painted on it. It read:

The Red comes first standing bold and firm,

Next follows Purple looking quite stern,

Then comes Yellow searching for blood,

Not hearing Black shouting as loud as he could.

This is the key to more than just one,

Don't forget you won't see this again once you're done,

In this room you will have to find,

Someone sat where you are blind.

'Oh please could this get more obvious?' Said Jasmine, 'All we have to do is press the colours in the order the colours were!' She pressed the colours in the order she thought they were supposed to be pressed. Red, Purple, Black and Yellow. Just then, a part of the wall slide down into the ground to bring a blinding light into the room. None of us could see a thing in the room from that point on. However, as we turned around, much to our delight, we found that the door had opened. Not waiting for answers we burst out of the room without looking back and ran to the stairs. Yet another room finished.

The End

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