Waking UpMature

Opening my eyes, I saw everyone lying on the floor. Everyone that is except the girl who wasn't anywhere to be seen. What did the woman mean when she said that she'd been 'returned'? Looking round I noticed that Jasmine was separated from her brother. I was about to ask her about what happened in Kingdom before until I heard a shout from Rocky. With it, everyone awoke. 'Who was that?' He asked dumb founded. 'More importantly, is she still here?' Followed Caitlin. Lucy stood and said, 'I'll scan the area.' She powered up and studied the area with such grace. She powered down and concluded, 'No, she doesn't seem to be on this floor.'

'That's a relief,' I breathed. 'No,' She continued, 'She's above us.' Half of us gasped and the other half ran to the barrier that prevented us from venturing higher in the hotel only to find that same barrier stood there untouched. 'I think it's ok, I don't think she'll be coming back,' I tried to reassure. I didn't want to give too much away about my dream. What if they thought I was a kidnapper or something? Luckily, none questioned my judgement. At least, none did aloud.


There was silence for a little bit. 'Should we move on?' I asked, 'We're not gonna get out of here if we just stand around.' Mike smiled, 'Good idea Rocky.' He looked relieved, no idea why. But I guess that was him. I hadn't known him for long but he just seemed like he wanted everyone to be alright and wanted everyone to escape rather than just himself, which is more than I could say for the suspicious siblings over there.


'Ok then, how should we team up?' He asked.

The End

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