The girlMature

As the four of us burst out of the door, we saw a girl. She didn't look happy. 'You lost?' Asked Caitlin warily. The look on her face could not just be described as miserable, you'd need at least five other to sum up that emotion she wore. '.....You,' She mumbled. 'What?' 'I'll.... You,' None of us knew what she was saying. 'I'm sorry we ca---'

'I'LL KILL YOU!' She screamed at us.

She slammed her hand on her wrist and transformed into some gorgon like creature. It appeared that she shared the power we had too. With one push of her hand, she exerted a great deal of force to us via the air and forced us to the back of the corridor. I staggered to my feat and powered up with the others. She swung multiple times at us with her sword. Caitlin guarded us with her staff only to be forced onto the ground with the pressure exurted of the blows. Max then tried with his bow and arrows from behind me as I took the guard meanwhile Jamine tried her repel attack. Both had next to no effect; she was just too strong. But who was she? I tried to swing at her with my cleaver but she only ducked to dodge and forced me to the ground leaving me unconcious. Darkness invaded the area.

I awoke on the ground somewhere. I called for the others: 'Caitlin. Max. Jasmine.' No answer. My vision improved slightly and the grass I lay on came into focus. I felt rain patter on my head and heard it patter on some sort of hard material. Reaching forward I felt a wall. I felt around it trying for a door or a brick that would push in to reveal some sort of secret passage or something. I found a handle. Shame, I thought, wanted that cool secret passage. I walked in and found a bright room populated by tables and chairs. The tables were covered by red checkered cloths and the chair were there with additional checkered cusions, matching the cloths on the tables. The place was nearly completely deserted. No one stood there but one woman, stood behind a counter at the far end of the room. 'Hello,' She said cheerfully, 'Would you like a cuppa tea love?' She had one hand on her hip and the other on her smooth, dark skin. I nodded half asleep and took a place at table six. She making two teas. One for her and one for me presumably. 'Where is everyone?' I asked. 'Don't worry about that now dear and just relax for a minute. I just need to tell you a few things,' She calmy replied while carrying both mugs. 'Please sit,' She gestured. Both of us did. 'My name is Helen,' She held out a hand and we shook. This proved that it wasn't a dream. 'Now I know Louise has told you that you're in a place called the Reflec Zone and I know that you probably have lots of questions so I'll try to answer them as best I can before the next guest comes in.' 'Next guest?' I asked, 'Who?' 'Oh you know her! She'll be applying for a job here soon and might even be taking over my job. But anyways, about the Reflec Zone,' She stopped that subject like a wall stopping a car, harshly and abruptly. 'I assume you've seen the mirror? That's the exit and the entrance for some of you,' She followed. 'Some of us?' I said confusedly, 'You mean some of us got in through other ways?' She chuckled. 'I suppose you could say that. Anyways, you can't use the mirror straight away as an exit. There's someone in this place controlling who goes in and out. If you and your friends want to get out then you must impress them or show them what your made of or whatever you kids say nowadays. Then, there's a book you'll need. It's blue with a star on the front, I'm sure you'll know it when you see it dear. Finally, you need to remember this for the next time we meet.' The next time we meet? I thought to myself. But the following statement was even stranger yet, 'Find me where you found your first love,' She concluded. I thought about asking her the hundred and one questions that had just been formed in my head but I only asked one, 'What will happen when I leave here?' She smiled and said, 'You'll just wake up from on the ground, stagger to your feet and ask everyone if they're alright.'

'But what about the girl?

The woman pondered for a while and then said, 'Oh the girl! Well she'll be returned.' What a strange word to use. 'Returned'. It made me shiver given the context. She shook my hand as a way of saying goodbye. 'Nice watch,' I said. She smiled and said, 'Oh thanks! It was a gift of my husband after our first year together. Sadly I don't see him nowadays...' She trailed off sadly but then snapped out of her negative mood and said, 'Righty ho! Have a fun time out there and don't forget the book!'

The End

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