Emerald EndingMature

We sped up the straight stairs and jogged across the carpet, excited to share our triumph. But just as we reached the top of the second floor, I saw a pair of legs at the side of the stairs. Blue shoes. Lucy's blue shoes. I accelerated, almost stumbling over steps. I ran through the door and swerved my head. There lay Rocky, on the ground facing the wall, Lucy, with legs out stretched staring up to the ceiling, and Mixie, propped up against the wall, all lifeless. Blood had been soaked into the carpet making it appear even redder than it already was. Even worse, Jasmine and Max lay linked on the carpet next to Caitlin. None were moving. Not even the girl stood up in front of their bodies. She turned to face us as if she'd sensed our pressence. 'You,' She said, 'You traitor.' She was looking directly at Emerald. She ran and the three of us ran with her, chased by the girl. Emerald's black hair danced during the journed as if enjoying the rush. 'In there!' Gestured Louise to her door. The four of us bolted in and slammed the door shut in the girl's face. Johnny and I propped ourselves against the door so she couldn't get in. 'Who's she?' I said. Emerald and Johnny shared guilty looks which were tell tale signs that they knew excatly who she was. A quiet Louise also stood silent, facing away from us. 'She's my friend,' Emerald said quietly, 'Or at least she was.' I gestured her to go on.

'It wasn't the same for me as it was for you you know. It wasn't as easy as you have it now. One day I woke up here but it wasn't here, it wasn't some hotel, it was just some room painted gold with some machinery in it. Lying next to me was her. I was so scared. I didn't know where I was, and even more scarily, who I was. I started crying. But that's what little girls do when they're lost isn't it? But then she woke up and told me everything was alright. After looking round, we thought we were the only ones in here. Bu then we came to this room and found a man sat behind a desk. He offered us a nice room to live in, food, water and warmth as long as we served him. We were supposed to stop anyone who came in from escaping. But the first time someone came in, I failed. That first time was a few hours ago when I met Johnny. I found him in his room. Like me he looked a little frightened and when I looked in his eyes, I knew he didn't deserve to be stuck in here like I had been. As time went by, we fell in love. But then, after we left the room and defeated the shadow in it, we found the other two doors and tried to save the people in them rooms tha they lead to. From that moment on, we became stronger. We left each other and tried to save everyone here. Johnny saw I was still scared though and gave me his watch to give me extra power. Before I could object though, he dashed up the stairs and stopped me from objecting,' She told us, 'That's how things happened.'

The End

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