Streets with Johnny, Emerald and LouiseMature

'I'll go with you three,' I announced whilst pointing to Johnny, Emerald and Louise, 'Let's go!' The other two teams travelled up the stairs to their team's decided room as our team walked into Streets. On the way I stepped on something. 'Hey what's...' I couldn't finish as the others were already through the door. I picked up what I had stood on. It was a few letters like the others on the doors. I looked at the one on the door which said Emerald so the letters couldn't have fallen off the door. The letters were O, N, Y, J, H and N. I didn't have time to solve the annagram however so I just stuffed the letters into my right pocket and stumbled behind the other three. Unlike the other rooms we'd been in, we found ourselves facing three doors in a small circular room with black wallpaper pasted on the walls. There was writing on each door in different colours. On the door on the right was the word 'Swarm' painted in red. On the door on the left was the word 'Enigma' painted in Green. On the door in the middle though was just a Blue smudge. Furthermore, there was no door handle. 'I understand that you defeated a Sadness Shadow?' Commented Louise rhetorically. This made us understand that since the Shadow had gone, we had no need to go back in, hence the smudged paint and the lack of doornob. 'We should split up,' Said Johnny, 'You two go into Enigma and we'll go into Swarm.' We nodded as his mind seemed made up and went through the door. But before I went in, I stopped myself short. 'Wait,' I started to Louise, 'Don't we need Emerald to get into here since this is her room?' Louise shook her head. 'The person who name is on the door is needed to enter,' She repeated, 'What names do you see on these doors?'

'Enigma and Swarm,' I said. 'Therefore,' She continued, 'None of our group are required to go in there because the Shadow is already in there.' I nodded. 'Does everyone understand that?' She said. That was when I noticed a microphone on her mouth. Apparently, she had been telling everyone from here the same as she'd just told me. After the short interlude, we opened the door. We were introduced to another room. It looked like a lounge. There were two black sofas, a dark carpet and blank portraits. And the reason for everything being dark? Because it was dark. There was no light in the room at all apart from the eerie glow from the moon which swam through the window. 'So, uh, what do we do to get out?' I asked Louise. 'You must solve the enigma posed by this room,' She replied bluntly. 'Well that's helpful,' I commented sarcastically, 'Any chance of a light?'

'I don't smoke,' She said. I gave her a look that could only be decribed as unimpressed, whether she saw it or not was another matter. Then a light came from where her voice was. She was holding a small yet powerful yellow light in her hand in the form of a sphere. 'What's that?' I asked mystified by the wonder of it. 'I don't know, my power let's me make them though,' She said. So she has a watch too, I thought. 'Come on, let's look around,' I concluded.

While walking we noticed a number of unregularities. Or at least I did. As usual, she showed no emotion in her face. Under the cusion on the sofa, for example, I found a small ring encrusted with diamonds. Also, there was a small table where the moon shone as if making a spotlight for it. In addition to this there was a television with nothing on it and a remote controll with only nine buttons on it. Finally, there were letter all along the walls. We couldn't make any sense out of them though. 'Have you ever heard of moon beams?' Came Louise out of no where. 'Yes of course. They shine off things like mirrors which causes light beams to be reflected in all sorts of directions,' I replied. Then she gestured to the ring I had in my hand. I understood immediately. I placed the ring on the small table in the spotlight and then numberous circles appeared on the walls shining over certain letters. Suddenly, Louise grabbed the remote control and pressed in certain keys which apparently had letters on each button. After the sequence of button pushing had ended, the screen turned a blinding white and the letters appeared on it, 'SHADOW DEFEATED.' I was impressed by her knowledge and thinking skills which promted me to say to her, 'You know, you're really clever!' She seemed taken aback. 'But answer me this,' I continued, 'How do you know so much about this place?' With the usual expression, she said, 'I was made here.' I was just about to ask her further questions but I was interrupted by the words from the ceiling which came, 'Enigma Shadow has been defeated. The minute countdown has commenced.' We frantically rushed to the door and just as I was closing it I saw the TV flicker and saw a woman's face on it with a voice saying, 'I'm watching you...' But before I could further investigate, Louise pulled me back through the door, virtually saving me. 'Thanks,' I said pulling my shirt back into comfortability, 'I guess you're not too bad.' She stared back at me and said, 'I'm not bad. I'm trying to help you.' But before further words could be exchanged, Johnny and Emerald rushed out of the door. 'Come on!' They shouted breathlessy. We came out of the circular room back to the hotel hall. I had to admit, I was kind of growing fond of it's velvet carpets and swirly ceilings. 'Where are the others?' Asked Emerald stroking her smooth and shiny black hair. 'I guess they're on the second floor,' I replied. I mean, where else could they be?

The End

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