Kingdom with Caitlin, Max and JasmineMature

'I'll go with them,' I said walking toward the three going to Kingdom. But before anyone else could continue any discussions, Max and Jasmine walked off without speaking. Caitlin and I stumbled behind as they walked with a good speed. As we reached the second floor, we noticed that the room Amy was in was gone; no door or anything. As we got to the door, the Siblings in front gestured Caitlin to open the door for our team. She twisted the door nob and opened the door without danger coming out of it. After we'd walked in, we found ourselves a circular room with three doors around us. One had the word 'Swarm' painted on it and another had the word 'Enigma' on it, both in different colours. The door that faced us however had paint on it that was just smudged rather than spelling out a word. 'You don't need the person who's name was on the door in order to go in those rooms,' Came Louise's voice. Apparently, she was able to speak to us from different places in the hotel. 'Does everyone understand?' Came the voice. 'How do we get out of the rooms?' I said as if she could hear me. 'Isn't it obvious?' Commented Jasmine, 'You just defeat the shadow.' Made sense I suppose, but she didn't have to be so cold about it. Just as we were about to go into the rooms. No. Just after the Siblings chose the room they wanted to go to and started in that direction I said, 'No. I want to go with Jasmine.' They turned. 'Whatever,' She said rolling her eyes. Caitlin looked at me inquisitively but I gave her a reassuring nod in return. We journeyed into the room named 'Swarm'.

We found ourselves in the market once again. (For me). The sun was red and beaming down on us and the sillouettes of the market stand looked as if they were reaching out and trying to grab us. After Jasmine pulled the door shut, all the people, similar to the ones before, all turned their heads. Then they ran towards us, with pitchforks in theirs hands with blank faces as if they were zombies. It was like a dream. Jasmine said, 'Quick! Transform!' This was the first sense of urgency I had ever heard in ther voice which made me trust her and take her advice. We both slammed out hands down on our watches and transformed. She was armed with a chain whip in a golden colour and protected by strong golden shoulder-pads, knee-pads and an 'X Strap' of armor going across her chest. The rest was how it was before. Even her long, black, sleek hair. 'Let's see what you can do!' She said condescendingly even though she was the same age. As the first three charged at us, she swung her whip slicing the shadows in half, dispersing the dark essence that had collected to form them. I had to impress her to find out more about them, I thought, there was something about the two of them that seemed so mysterious. I swung my cleaver sending cutting waves of wind slashing the figures like she did. Following this up, I swun the cleaver at them slicing through their figures like she had. Turned out she was impressed by my skills. 'Try formation C,' She said to me as more were forming, circling us. 'What?' I replied. I had no clue. 'Air Strike!' She cried and as she did she flew up into the air with her whip tangled around her body, protecting her while she was parcially vulnerable. I understood and did the same, minus the whip. We rose for quite a while until she said, 'NOW!' To which we threw our weapons at the figures. They spun round, slicing through the shadow and then returned to us. She commanded, 'Repel!' and the figures all fell up into the air afterwards and I threw a tornado attack at the enemies. This left only one defeated. Before I could attack them with my weapon, Jasmine ran up to it and grabbed it and said, 'What's the shut down code?' I had no idea what she meant and apparently neither did the shadow. So with one swing of her whip, she sliced it in half like all the others. I heard a rustle. I leant over to the market stall and saw that the apples had been assmebled to say, 'Shadow defeated. Please leave.'

The End

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