Finding the keysMature

For a long while, we all just stared at her. The dress, the hair, but most importantly, the statement that had just come out of her mouth. 'I'm sorry, who are you?' Questioned Jasmine. 'My name is Louise. I awoke her a few minutes ago. My purpose is to guide you,' She replied heartlessly. Caitlin shifted uncomfortably. 'You must find the keys,' She continued. 'What keys? I said, 'The only key we've seen is for the staricase on the floor two stories above this one.'

'You must finish a room,' She said coldly. 'Defeat all three shadows in the room.'

After further questioning, I ran by what I had heard. In order to get ou of the hotel, we needed to collect all the keys. In order to collect all the keys, we had to clear all the rooms. Each room could be finished by defeating every shadow in it. There were three types of shadows in each room; Enigma Shadows, Sadness Shadows and Swarm Shadows. The more people that entered each room, the more powerful each shadow would be. In addition to this, the person who's name was on the door had to go in. Everyone who enters must leave within one minute after the last shadow has been defeated. 'And what if we don't?' Said Johnny provokatively. Louise said chillingly, 'You die.' We all gasped. 'Then that's what happened to Amy...' Mumbled Lucy. Louise shook her head. 'No,' She said, 'She was defeated by the shadows in her room.' There was a short silence which cam in only to be interrupted by a Bashfull Mixe. 'Well can we get started? Apparently unlike the rest of you I want to get out of here,' She said. 'Shut up you little brat,' Snapped Max. She looked taken aback. I reassured her by saying, 'No she's right. Standing round talking and worrying bout things aren't going to save us.' They all gave a strong and re-assuring nod. 'We should split up then,' Said Jasmine and before anyone else could comment on her statement she stood next to Max and said, 'I'm going with my brother.' No one dared to question her. 'Well I'll go with you two then and we can go back into my room,' Said Caitlin. Meanwhile, Emerald and Johnny were accompanied by a blank faced Louise. 'We'll go to streets. That's where I found Emerald,' He told the rest of us. They too had apparently joined together. That only left Rocky, Mixie and Lucy who had joined together. They seemed perfectly fine about it. 'I think we should go to my room; Mountains,' Rocky suggested. 'Sure, whatever,' Said Mixie. 'Ok,' Said Lucy, 'What about you, Mike?'

The End

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