'Let the Mirror Game begin.'Mature

'Um, does anyone know where we are?' Asked Mixie naievely. I swear, if I heard that one more time... 'No idea,' Replied Johnny. He was sat on a red sofa in the lobby cradelling an exhausted Emerald's head in his arms. This promted my question. 'So what's the deal with you two then? You two know each other?' The pair looked at each other and then Emerald spoke. 'Johnny saved me.'

'So you were in a room too?' Asked Lucy.

'No. I was asleep. Or, I think I was asleep,' She said confusedly. Johnny put a finger to his lips. I understood the action but the not the reason for it. 'I see,' Even though I didn't.

'I like your watch, nice colour,' Said Caitlin quickly changing the conversation. She smiled. It was a dark blue colour, matching her eyes. 'I'm so glad you're alright,' Whispered Johnny into her ear. 'I trusted you. And Max and Jasmine of course,' she said back. 'Oh yeah, where did you come from and ho did you get your watches?' Questioned Rocky stood next to Max. He turned to them and said cooly, 'We all woke up on seperate rooms below here, presumably as you did?' I nodded. He continued, 'There were four rooms; Johnny's, Mine, My sister's and Louises'.' I shared a look of horror with the other from my floor, 'Was she..' Said Lucy nervously. 'The door wouldn't open so we don't know how she was,' Snapped Jasmine, 'My brother and I tried everything on the door and it didn't open.' 'Can we still have a look? I asked. 'You can try but...' Max didn't finish, Mixie eagerly ran towards the staircase we'd shown her earlier as we stumbled behind, desperately trying to keep up. She got to the door on the floor and twisted the handle. But this time it opened. A girl walked out wearing a perculiar dress composed of purple colours and patterned with stars and drawings of planets on it. She showed us her watch and calmy said:

'Welcome to the Reflec Zone. Let the Mirror Game commence.'

The End

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